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338 Fed

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   Any one shooting an AR in this caliber . I have a spare upper & lower that I want to make something different out of , well actually a friend wants a larger caliber hunting rifle for Deer & we talked about this ,so before I get into one , I want to hear from some one who uses one .


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  Ammo & barrels are already available for the 338 Fed. , I have an interested buyer for a 338 Fed. rifle for hunting . Been reading up , not many barrel manufacturers for the 338 Fed. in AR's . Could use a Armilite , JP's , definitely not DPMS ,not many out there . 

  I emailed one in Colorado , will see what they say .

  Thinking light weight , 20" bbl. I see a couple different twist rates , 1-10 , 1-8 , 1 -12  , have to do more research . I found an old thread here that started in 2010 , but no one built one of fired one in the thread .

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No one knows anything about an AR in this caliber, I  thought you people knew everything   <dontknow>  . I guess I'm on my own  <thumbsup> .I may start a thread on it & how its goes . I'm more intrigued by the caliber daily.

 Have to find a barrel first .

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  Barrels are a problem to find , you can order one from some of the big name barrel makers , but be prepared to wait over a year or some times more , from what I've been reading .  Its funny to read some of the posts about what people think of this caliber , much like the 300BLK from a while back .They say there are calibers out there that will do everything the 338 Fed. will do , but from ballistics' , that's not entirely true . Its not a 1K cartridge & was never meant to be , its for putting a big hunk of lead into a something at normal hunting ranges , much more than the 308 . The 308 can shoot flatter at distance , but put a lighter wt. bullet in the 338 Fed. & it will pump it out there also, from what I have read.


  The whole thing as far as I'm concerned is a hunting cartridge & unless your a long range hunter , 3-400 yards with a 200-225 gr. bullet has shown to be very efficient knock down power.

 Some were saying the 45-70 can do the same , well I have a 45-70 & its a great cartridge in its own right , but I would not compare them that way.


 I guess I have to slow down on other projects just to see if this is feasible . The cost will be the only thing & I already have the upper & lower & BCG , so it may not be that bad .It has to be light , for carry in various terrain .

 So if I can make it light weight for humping in the woods , I will go for it , but its going to be a 10# beast , its not going to happen.

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SS, you can have a .308 barrel bored out to .338 Fed. When I bought my CF wrapped barrel, they offered to bore up to .338 Fed for $100 any time I wanted.

Find a decent barrel in the $250-$300 range, then have it bored out. Wait time would likely be only a few days.

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 That's an interesting option to think about .

  I am leaning toward a 20" barrel , but an 18" would probably work as well , so the JP barrel & bolt combo , is looking better all the time .Plus its in stock , but I'm not in a hurry

  I need a new Bolt for the BC I have any way. The one with the BC I have is a little worn from another barrel .



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