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Timney 517 trigger, for Rem 700


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Recently installed the Timney 517 trigger in my Rem 700.  This all came about when Rem announced their trigger recall:



My rifle was part of the recall, but I was NOT looking forward to shipping it off to Remington.  StainTrain mentioned the Timney drop-in trigger replacements, and that was basically not a good thing for me...  I'll damn sure upgrade a part out of my pocket before I have a factory work on a stock product and "call it good."  End-All Report, though - I can't thank you enough for that advice, Stain.  :hail: :happydrunks:


So, a few weeks go by, I give it no thought. I load up a bunch of guns to hit the range, and I wanted to grab the 700.  I didn't because of the trigger recall - and I hadn't done $HIT yet about it.  That night last week, I hopped on Timney's website and almost ordered the trigger - checking out and evverything.  When it came down to the shipping page, I noticed they were in PHX.  I had no idea.  I tried to call, but they were closed - 7am to 3pm local time, PHX time.  Cancelled the online order right then, and waited...  Damn good PHX hours, I must say!  Seriously!


Called the next morning at about 7:30am, and I asked them if they have a retail storefront, so I can come in and buy, locally. They informed me that they DO NOT have a storefront, but the DO have a manufacturing facility, and they ARE at work during hours listed, and I will be allowed to visit the ladies in the Admin Office and pick up a trigger.  They asked what I want, and I tell them "Rem 700 flat trigger, Model 517." They ask what pull weight I want, so I request 2.5 lbs.  They tell me it will be ready for pickup anytime after 12pm that day. 


WHAAAT?!  :eek: <laughs> :banana:


THAT right there is SERVICE!!!  <lmao>


At any rate, I stopped by the manufacturing facility, visited the Admin Office, and picked up my trigger.  They were awesome.


((Side note - if any of you guys need to visit that manufacturing facility, and purchase a trigger, pay for it with green dollar bills.  I'm just sayin'...   :)) ))


Love it so far, but won't get to shoot it until next Thursday.  Damn fine trigger for the 700 - I'd advise ANYBODY to go this route, over sending in their 700 to Remington.  I had that X-Mark Pro trigger adjusted as light as it would go, and it's no way a comparison to this Timney trigger.  Also, go with the flat trigger - don't hesitate.  On this rifle, it's worlds apart from a curved trigger (TImney's 510, or any other curved trigger).










REALLY diggin the Choate Tactical Stock, too.  Yes, it's a CHOATE stock.  I just hope it's not as flimsy as my 930SPX extension tube - that I've never had a problem with.  What a dickhead that guy was...




^^^  That stock is SOLID AS HELL, by the way.  Fuckin' LOVE IT.


Wide barrel channel, too - milled for 1 1/4" barrels, and this is a 1" barrel - freefloat forever in this monster.



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Montana, when you go to order this, if you order it from TImney, they will set it whatever pull weight you want before they ship it - when I called them about mine, I called early, and they told me "they'd have it built bu noon" that day.  I think they build them when you order them.  Not sure on that.


Also, if you're up in the air about the flat trigger (the 517), and it's a tough call for you because you're using a curved stock trig (Timney's curved 700 trigger is the 510) - do not hesitate one bit to go with the flat trigger.  I'm so damn glad I got that over the curved trigger.  The damn this is great in every way, and the price ain't really that bad.  I'm equating my price on it to having the rifle down for three weeks doing the recall fix - one week to get it to them, one week for them to fix it, and a final week for them to get my whole rifle back to me (guesstimate on past repair work times).  At $135 on the Timney, that would be about $6.50 a day for Remington to do the work.  I'd rather fork over the money, have a better trigger, and my rifle never left my compound.  <thumbsup>

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Yeah I hear ya I'd never send my rifles to Big R. I know some of my LEO friends sent there rifles in and they where back in a week but only because it was a LEO. My luck I wouldn't see them till next year.

I love the flat trigger on my Geissele I had in my 308 but it was screwing me up when I'd switch from it to my 300WM R700 so I moved it over to my SPR. Threw a Geissele DMR In the 308. I prefer the flat trigger still I will be ordering two of theses when money allows.

My X-Mark is set a 2lbs and not happy with it. Compared to some of the other triggers I have pulled.

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  • 1 year later...

Hey Montana308 check out Huber concepts replacement trigger for your Rem 700. I put one in a custom 308 and shrunk my 5 shot groups from 3/4 to 3/8 in. fantastic break (like glass). alot of the snipers are putting them in their guns for long range shooting. I don't think I will shoot anything else but Huber Triggers. IMHO

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK, got the trigger in two days and installed it last night.  The roll pins were a real bear to get out, but after that it only took about 15 minutes.  Interestingly the trigger will work with either left or right handed models but the installation instruction pictures are for the right handed model so if you shoot a left handed model like I do just recognize the situation (it is pretty obvious since the key piece is backwards).  It really feels nice, much like the MechArmor trigger but at 2.5 lbs. it is even lighter.  The only concern is that the safety selector is a bit still but seems to be working out as I exercise it.  Looking at potential hunting leases this weekend so I probably won't get to the range until next weekend but I am really looking forward to trying it out.  Thanks again for the report.

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Hey Montana308 check out Huber concepts replacement trigger for your Rem 700. I put one in a custom 308 and shrunk my 5 shot groups from 3/4 to 3/8 in. fantastic break (like glass). alot of the snipers are putting them in their guns for long range shooting. I don't think I will shoot anything else but Huber Triggers. IMHO

I don't know about dismissing all the other great triggers out there, but the Huber is supposed to be just awesome.

I would like to try one.

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  • 1 month later...

Depends on your use of the Rifle , just like any Trigger pull set point . A very low pull weight is for Bench rest type rifle & a higher pull weight for a Hunting type rifle or some where in-between if you want it . I believe it operator adjustable , if you don't like what its set up for .

thank you. In between would be appropriate  if you did  both things hunt and shoot paper, or better off having designated rifles?

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Note that Timneys are adjustable, the 641C from 1.5 to 4 lbs.  If you order directly from them they will set as you request from the factory.  It can still be adjusted from there.  I have it set light in my hunting rig because  I have to do my trigger control with my off hand because of my dominant left eye.  If I could work the trigger right handed it would be a heavier pull.

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