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  1. https://www.kcra.com/article/sacramento-mass-shooting/39618652# @Robocop1051 any insight into this that is not being reported? It is already being used to call for more gun laws. 😡
  2. As of now, I have no AR pistols but I will be sure to give this advice as well.
  3. @wwlefty have you made any progress on this? I was looking at safes and it reminded me of this thread.
  4. Those poor bastards have no idea what they are in for. I have a couple of different types of triggers including the Larue that I got from you last fall.
  5. Awesome story @Black_Sheep. You should come around more frequently.
  6. I have to figure out when to make it into something.
  7. FIFY You will have to get to the SDTF to experience the meal dots.
  8. Clint knows his sh!t better than I do. I almost linked his site as well. You will not be disappointed with his products.
  9. It looks like your buffer tube is about 7 5/8 inches internal depth. Is that correct? It also looks like the back of your bolt is hitting on the receiver here... That would be because you likely need a 3.25 inch buffer with your tube (assuming it is actually 7 5/8). A standard AR15 H3 buffer will work with that size tube. I would also change the spring. This kit will get you both and a good buffer tube as well. It will work with your rifle even though it is Armalite. https://www.armalite.com/SACItem.aspx?Item=AR10REKIT01&ReturnURL=/Armalite/Product-Category/AR10-Parts-Accessories/Lower-Receiver-Parts&Category=ac614400-ff09-4cdf-9d35-419a654e7201 If you find it doesn't work for you, I will buy it from you for what you paid including shipping to you and to me.
  10. Can you get a picture of the buffer tube internal depth? If you are using the spacer, include that when you measure it. 8 - 8.25 inch is not a dimension that I know to work. As you correctly surmised, Aero is incorrect and a rifle length gas system can definitely function with a carbine buffer system. It just has to be balanced properly. That aside, your buffer is too light. You need a buffer that weighs 5.4 oz or very close to it. At 2.5 inches, your buffer is designed for a standard 7.0 inch buffer tube. Your recoil system is not correct as far as I can see from the numbers provided. Get some pictures of the measurements and we should be able to get it corrected and functional. There may be other issues to be addressed, but let's work on this first.
  11. Thanks for the update. It's great to hear that your rifle shoots well.
  12. This is a previous band where he was the lead guitarist.
  13. Why is it called taking a sh!t when you leave it behind?
  14. Can you make the conversion from the number of deer to groundhog?
  15. He is very good. He plays in a Christian rock band, primarily at churches and festivals. He does have a heavier slant to his musical taste. He is a great man now. He knows who he is and that God is the reason for his direction in life.
  16. She can play a little. I have no talent.
  17. My nephew was in town and playing Susan's guitar.
  18. Chilling out and enjoying the peace and quiet at the property.
  19. When my niece was in elementary school, the class was talking about deer. Most other kids said they liked deer because they were cute. My niece said she liked them because they were tasty.
  20. I have my moments, usually brought about by alcohol. But I remember laughing so much that I hurt the next day. Lol We need to record those fireside chats for posterity. They just don't need to be made available for everyone. I have a job I want to keep.
  21. That is the part of the SDTF that keeps me coming back more than the shooting. I still don't remember what I said to cause you to call me an assh0le, but I remember it was funny.
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