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  1. I asked Susan if I can make that the floor in the shop bathroom. It will have a drain in the center anyway.
  2. Are you going to set it on the sidewalk?
  3. He's about to stroke out in this one. https://youtu.be/--W2yb6Pmvs
  4. Are you measuring internal or external length of the buffer tube? It should be 7 inches internally.
  5. If you are looking for a collapsible stock, this kit includes a stock and recoil system. It will work and not cause malfunctions. https://www.armalite.com/SACItem.aspx?Item=10702302&ReturnURL=/Armalite/Product-Category/AR10-Parts-Accessories/Lower-Receiver-Parts&Category=ac614400-ff09-4cdf-9d35-419a654e7201 This is the same recoil system without a stock. It is sold out at the moment. https://www.armalite.com/SACItem.aspx?Item=AR10REKIT01&ReturnURL=/Armalite/Product-Category/AR10-Parts-Accessories/Lower-Receiver-Parts&Category=ac614400-ff09-4cdf-9d35-419a654e7201
  6. Not new, but it was on while driving home.
  7. Run it really wet during the break in. There are some known inadequacies across the industries with respect to gas and recoil systems. Run it with a variety of ammo first, including your planned hunting ammo, to see if you have any issues with cycling.
  8. I took this while at the property this evening. It sprinkled for about 10 minutes, just enough to make it hot and humid. This was a little later. It's about 35 miles away.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Got any pictures you'd like to share? Is it factory built or put together?
  10. The main causes of occasional blur to vision is dry eye. This can cause burning eyes, gritty feeling, and even excess watering. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and avoid excess caffeine and alcohol. Fish oil or other Omega-3 supplements can also help. Uncorrected vision, tired eyes, allergies and uncontrolled diabetes are also causes of variable blur to your vision.
  11. The front sight is the important thing to have clear. That's why your nearsighted eye does well with the pistol.
  12. There are surgeries that can get your vision close to what it used to be. However, surgeries come with risks and costs. Other than surgery, glasses (especially for near) are an inevitable consequence of the aging process for those with perfect vision at distance. As @dpete said, progressive (no line) lenses can function well with proper prescription and fitting. Multifocal contact lenses can also help to improve all around vision. They have a range of vision from distance to near within each lens. They offer a more natural vision when they work properly. There are even a couple of options that correct for astigmatism. As with all options, it depends on the individual as to how well it will work. I have noticed that people who never wore glasses before needing reading glasses tend to be harder to please with any of the above options. They want their eyesight from when they were 20 years old. There are some eye drops in development that may be able to help with that if they do what they are reported to do. The drops that came out earlier this year Vuity are not terribly effective in my opinion. They shrink your pupils to give a pinhole effect. This does not work as well beyond 60 because pupil size naturally shrinks with age. TL;DR find an eye doctor who can help you decide what may be appropriate for you. Them them you are having trouble adjusting from sighting with open pistol sights to a scoped rifle.
  13. Like everything else in firearm training, practice is what makes proficiency.
  14. That one had a lot of legs. How did you catch it?
  15. Clean? I thought that removed the perpetual lubrication. 🤷‍♀️
  16. What spring did you order? How much does the buffer weigh that you are you using? "AR10" springs can be just as ineffective as an AR15 spring. There is no standard and even manufacturers of complete rifles use buffers that are too light with underpowered springs. They pair that with a small gas port to make the rifle function most of the time. They do this because it costs less money. This is why there were many questions about your rifle and what it included. Hopefully your rifle will function with what you ordered. If not, it can be fixed.
  17. @Rsquared will be in mourning today. Uhura died yesterday. https://uhura.com/ "Last night, my mother, Nichelle Nichols, succumbed to natural causes and passed away."
  18. I have run some soft point ammo through my RRA with no issues. I only did it because that was almost the only ammo available when I got it. I still have some but don't use it regularly.
  19. We are happy to help spend your money.
  20. A 16 inch barrel will easily do what you stated for a goal and much more. It can easily reach out more than 500 yards accurately. In addition to the complete upper and lower parts kit, you will need a buffer, tube and spring. This will get you a reliable recoil system including the stock. This will work fine with your DPMS lower. If you want a fixed stock, there are many options that can be reliable. Just ask before you buy.
  21. Sorry, I've already chosen the penance that works best for me.
  22. I hope this doesn't get me banned from the forum. I sold a gun. I said I would never do it, but I plead extenuating circumstances. I pulled a Larry and won an AR in a raffle. It was a very basic 223 based on an Anderson lower. There's a guy at church who has been asking about buying a gun, not necessarily from me, for several months. I sold it to him for a good price and I made a little money over what I had in it. The only thing I would have used it for would have been to remake it into a Grendel pistol. But, I have much of the parts to do that already anyway. Anyway, I hope I haven't disappointed too many people and hope I can keep coming around.
  23. Do you have the upper and/or the lower receiver? Any number of parts can fit a DPMS receiver. Let us know what you have, what you are needing, and what you want your rifle to do and we can help you spend money.
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