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  1. I think my sister-in-law is pregnant with a potato.
  2. My brother is crazy. This is trying to match @Matt.Cross with #5.
  3. I am South of Dallas a bit and avoid it and most big cities for that matter.
  4. That is some pretty country to hike. What did you do when Sasquatch photo-bombed your wife and Doc?
  5. They don't have any at the moment, but get on an email notification with https://www.targetsportsusa.com/large-rifle-primers-c-2810.aspx They will likely get some for sale.
  6. A job for the day. Did you hear what Yoda said the first time he saw himself in 4K. "HDMI"
  7. Nice looking rifle. I look forward to hearing the range report.
  8. I was innocent and naive when I joined this forum. (Runs for shelter from the lightning bolt) All I have to say in my defense is...
  9. As I said, I found a few that I forgot I had. If someone wants one, let me know. @JBMatt, got any spare money hanging around?
  10. It could have been the gas block that you moved. It may be the gas port. But you have not shot it near enough to have it broken in yet. Make sure it is well lubed and shoot it with your adjustment. Others may see something in your numbers that need adjustment though.
  11. I was going through some old parts and ran across some of these. Interested? It might not be compatible with the awesome paint job that Tom will put on it.
  12. Awesome wedding present, Jim. Most brides would not welcome such a gift on their wedding day. Your nephew picked a good one.
  13. I'm not sure about early versions, but they are now (at least since 2013 when I got mine) called LAR-8.
  14. Is this what you have? https://www.del-ton.com/Del-ton-Inc-ECHO-308-Rifle-p/r3fth16-0.htm
  15. Since AR15 and 398ARs use the same diameter receiver extension, there should not be an issue. Law Tactical states that it will work on either format. One thing to consider is the added weight of the buffer insert and what it does to the recoil and functionality of the rifle. Here is a good breakdown of the weights involved in the Law Tactical folder and different buffer weights. Just like you found out with your gas port diameter, the buffer system has to be correct as well.
  16. Now @Belt Fed can't even afford his internet service because of you.
  17. Welcome to the forum. @98Z5V can calculate what size the hole needs to be.
  18. @98Z5V forgot to mention 7mm-08 Remington. I'm pretty sure he has that caliber as well. If not, I know he is planning for it.
  19. He called Armalite and they did exactly what you said they would and pieces together a kit and he bought one. Report back when you have tested the various parts to let us know what you discovered. I bet it will be exactly what you have been told here.
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