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  1. Thanks for the tip. He has always been a little skittish around us. I'll keep a watch out for any sudden movements from him.
  2. I got the email that says these should be shipped out by the end of the week.
  3. He wasn't old enough to know the difference of what was done to him.
  4. My brother works in maintenance at the school district where he lives. He has been trained to be one of those who carry at school while on duty. He has 2 kids in school there, so he has a vested interest in keeping the school safe.
  5. That is a rifle length buffer tube. It uses a 5.9 inch rifle buffer in an AR15. In a 308AR, the buffer is 5.2 inches. Like @98Z5Vsaid earlier, the rifle length buffer tube cannot use a carbine/collapsible stock. You must have a rifle stock. With your goal of maximum felt recoil reduction, the rifle buffer system with the XH buffer linked earlier will be your best bet.
  6. This is surprisingly not actually a relationship problem related to a whore girlfriend. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/single-beaver-caused-mass-internet-cell-service-outages-in-northern-b-c-1.5944697
  7. I bought something from Botach recently. I received it within a week and a half with no complaint.
  8. I can attest that a barrel turns into a rifle rather quickly.
  9. I don't know who makes the BCG, but right to bear is a good company to deal with. Send them an email to ask the maker. https://www.righttobear.com/left-handed-ar10-dpms-pattern-bcg-308-bcg/
  10. Congrats to you @unforgiven. Pass my sympathy to the better half.
  11. @Rsquared, someone filmed your car while following you.
  12. Then I have accomplished my goal.
  13. You can get it from them or Primary Arms Here is their explanation of the different springs and the reasoning. https://www.sprinco.com/tactical.html
  14. I found a cut of meat called a bone-in pork brisket. It is supposed to be part pork butt and part picnic ham. It was cheap enough so I thought I would try it. I cooked it at about 200°F for an hour and a half and then bumped it to 250°F. I cooked it a little more like pork butt. It had good flavor and was tender, but there was too much fat and bone to make want to try this again. Pork loin is frequently on sale below $2/lb. There's no bones in them.
  15. I had one there for 3 years.
  16. That is another reason for me to not go to McDonald's.
  17. That is a good price for the trigger. I have paid both more and less than that for them and am happy with any price I have paid so far.
  18. Welcome to the forum. While you are digging into your rifle, see if you can get the diameter of your gas port in the barrel. Many of them are drilled to small and don't let enough gas through.
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