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  1. RIP to the officers and K9 who were trying to serve a warrant. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jul/02/three-police-die-in-kentucky-shooting-while-serving-domestic-violence-warrant
  2. Soak it complete. No need to take it apart. Wipe off the bolt face before shooting.
  3. @beachmaster, I ran across this and thought of you and this thread. https://majorsurplus.com/swiss-alpenflage-camo-battledress-pants.html
  4. Godspeed sir. RIP https://www.foxnews.com/us/woody-williams-americas-last-world-war-medal-honor-recipient-dies
  5. This post should get you the answer you need. https://forum.308ar.com/topic/18863-lr-308-industry-high-or-low-patterns/?do=findComment&comment=296511
  6. Welcome to the forum. Start a new thread in the member's build section. Let us know more about what you already have and what you are looking for and what you want to do with it. That will get you some more replies with specifics.
  7. It's nice to hear that the SCOTUS has restored some of you rights.
  8. I had to put an H3 buffer and standard buffer spring or an H2 buffer with a stiffer spring to make my 450 reliable. The next step would have been gas port.
  9. I have a 450 Bushmaster that is a great rifle.
  10. Is it the difference between left and right side of the magazine? Try one round in a mag for each of five shots so they all come from the same side.
  11. @Freddie what have you figured out for your firearm? I hope you aren't upset that your help thread was derailed. We don't want you to get into trouble with the ATF or any other alphabet organization.
  12. As I have heard..."two is one and one is none."
  13. Not the most productive use of my time, but I watched it anyway.
  14. @edgecrusher should have gotten that instead of a tractor.
  15. I didn't think they were "grandfathering" them for the owner's benefit.
  16. Not currently available on Prime, but I can buy it on Blu-ray.
  17. That was the next paragraph. It's hard to know if it is lazy reporting or actual lawmaker doublespeak.
  18. Maybe they'll make a flip version for you.
  19. 5G is old tech now. Let's move on to 6G. Implants anyone? https://www.primebusiness.africa/nokia-ceo-says-humans-to-be-implanted-with-6g-chips-set-timeframe/
  20. The first thing I see is that this might be a short barreled rifle with this configuration instead of an AR pistol. You might need a pistol buffer tube with a pistol brace on it. Otherwise, it may be an NFA firearm that requires registration and a tax stamp. I am not a lawyer or an NFA guru, but it sounds like it could be trouble in it's current state. I hope I am wrong. I know that doesn't answer your questions that you came with, but others may be able to look at you pictures and tell you what you need. Edit:. NFA = National Firearms Act https://www.atf.gov/firearms/firearms-guide-identification-firearms-section-5
  21. I don't know if these are a good price, but Woot has some of them on sale at the moment. Sorry @98Z5V the FDE one is sold out already.
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