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  1. I'm not sure where you are in Ohio, but here's a list of ranges in Michigan. There's even a couple of 600 yard ranges up north, possibly a good place to do a combination cabin rental/shooting fun time. Shooting ranges in Michigan Map of Michigan counties
  2. I used them in my last 2 (did 2 at the same time) builds. They definitely work, but they are actually 5.1 ounces, not 5.3 as advertised. The one from heavybuffers is 5.5 ounces. I wonder how much difference there is with .4 ounces. I wish I would have had both to compare at the time.
  3. But nothing weirder than your french fry fingers. Girl, what's up with that?!?
  4. Tools, let's see... a small punch, a brass or nylon hammer. You might need a really small (I forget what size) allen wrench for your bolt release(some use a pin, some use an allen screw). Another ARFCOM guide
  5. Here's a whole bunch of things I bookmarked when I first started doing AR-15 style rifles. The LR-308 lower is essentially the same method. ARFCOM guide Vimeo how-to video PSA video There used to be a bunch of YouTube videos, but it looks like YouTube took them all down.
  6. Never mind - I just saw the other thread, which also has better photos so I see what you noticed. Too far back, in case anyone else is wondering.
  7. I found it in the blog. I guess they just forgot to put it on the front page like usual. Link to Primary Arms contest
  8. Are you sure this is legitimate? Primary Arms always has their giveaways in the scrolling banner on their website, and unless I missed it, there's nothing referencing this there.
  9. Most forum software has a timeout for posting. Tip for all: If you think you are going to be typing out a long post, it can be helpful to type it in your word processor first, then copy and paste it into the forum when you are ready.
  10. MFI is where all the fun is...
  11. Measure from one end of the gas tube to the other. If it's all assembled, just measure from the open end of the tube to the gas block and make an educated guess at the amount (probably ~1/2") inside the gas block. According to my notes (I've only assembled rifle-length systems) a mid-length would be 12-1/16" but I will leave it to @98Z5V to confirm. Rifle length would be 15-1/2". It's a big enough difference that it should be obvious without having to get the exact tube length measurement. For lack of a better way of saying it, I will say, "Everything affects everything else." All the parts(and gas port) need to be in harmony with the others in order for everything to work together. Oh, also - a photo of your failure to eject may be helpful to see what's happening.
  12. I was just re-scanning your specs and came across this. I confirmed that their website says it is mid-length as well. But... I didn't see above where you took an actual measurement. You might want to double check that and post it here. Maybe it's actually rifle-length.
  13. Just going along with the current theme... Normally I would have some C23 to include in the photo, but I don't have any in the shop right now.
  14. Just be glad he didn't squirt something on the windshield and then ask for money to clean it off.
  15. It is. It was in the news last week. There's some great responses shown in this article: The troll gets trolled
  16. Well, mistakes do happen and I've done a few builds with Ballistic Advantage barrels now, with no issue. Both of these barrels were ordered at the same time, so presumably they were part of the same batch. Based on the gas port size they had (0.086") I would almost bet that someone was previously drilling/reaming mid-length barrels and forgot to change the bit when switching to rifle length. I just chalked it up to a good lesson. I will always measure the gas port from now on, before assembling.
  17. They are fine for measuring purposes(which is all I intended in my post), but I certainly wouldn't recommend them for actual drilling. @HarveyshotNotice what I linked to are numbered drill bits. They have more iterations of sizes between the "normal" drill bit sizes, which is why they're good for measuring gas port holes. Link to drill bit chart showing "regular" and numbered drill bit sizes.
  18. I wouldn't recommend that. I just ran into two barrels from Ballistic Advantage that were undersized. If you have a Harbor Freight(or some other cheap hardware store) nearby and $20 to spare, you can pick up one of these to use for measuring. Numbered drill bit set
  19. Thank you. I was pretty sure, but wanted to be completely sure before drilling.
  20. Tagging @98Z5V as I think this might be a gas port issue. Background: I just assembled 2 new identical 308AR rifles. They have all the same parts as the previous one I built, which fired perfectly after I changed to the Sprinco spring/KAK buffer combination. But, I never measured the gas port on the previous build, so I wonder if it may have been larger. When measuring these two barrels, they definitely seem to be at the low end of the acceptable range, but want to ask here before doing any drilling(and get a size recommendation). Issue: Both of these rifles are exhibiting the same issues. The first 5 or so shots worked fine. After that, I have had failure to feed after almost every firing, failure to eject on a few, and 2 stovepipes. Ejection angle is consistently at 4 o'clock. I decided to stop after about 20 rounds, as this seems to be more than just a "needs breaking in" scenario. Waterboarding Info: 1.) Do you have Armalite AR10 Recoil System: No 2.) buffer weight 5.1oz (KAK LR-308) 3.) buffer length 2-1/2" 4.) Extension Buffer Tube internal Depth 7" 5.) What Spring, Length, Coils, Brand, Color Brand: Sprinco Orange Length: 11-5/16" Coils: 29 6.) Gas System Length- Rifle, Midlength, Carbine, Pistol, Other? Rifle length 7.) Gas tube Length 14-5/16" plus portion inside gas block (approximately 15-3/16") 8.) Photo looking directly into the magwell 9.) Photo of the Bolt Face 10.) BCG Clearance at the ears and bolt stop 11.) Gas Journal Diam and gas Port Diam Gas Journal: .750" Gas Port: Go: .0860" No-Go: .0890" 12.) Photo and Description of the Malfunction or Issue Issue described above 13.) More Photos n/a 14.) Additional Information Upper: Aero M5 18" .308 CMV Complete Upper Receiver w/ ATLAS S-ONE Handguard Barrel: Ballistic Advantage Lower: 80% Arms BCG: Aero 308/7.62 with 9310 bolt, black nitride Magazine: Magpul PMAG 20 Ammo: 175gr Bullets 1st .308 Win hollow point 178gr Hornady .308 Win Hornady ELD-X Lubrication: It is sopping wet.
  21. Actually Sammy Hagar's, and he still owns it. Cabo Wabo
  22. Aunt Jemima is dead. Quaker Oats and Pepsi killed her.
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