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  1. What's this "pulling out" thing ya'll are referring to?
  2. Thanks for looking at the bigger picture before arriving at that conclusion for the rest of us... You had your answer at "call PSA", that's the best answer you could've been given, and it was given in the spirit and intent of helping you. PSA's lackluster performance in the large AR platform is well documented within this community, and we've helped a great many of their customers get their product to work as it should have at the outset, because we ARE a friendly community. What exactly do your handloads have to do with the loss of the screw, that wouldn't be equally plausible with factory ammo?
  3. If anything, the nuclear recoil and target devastation effects of your handloads have been understated.....
  4. I remember the highly philosophical conversations we had while we set that target back up (several times), that's some statistically phenomenal shooting hitting that 1" post or 3/32" paracord at 450, meanwhile missing that big fat impervious plate....
  5. I'm not bothering to read a wall of un-punctuated text. Learn to use a period or comma as God intended. Next!
  6. Is that as far rearward as the BCG will travel? That's not locked to the rear by the bolt catch....
  7. Matt.Cross


    I understand. I get asked all the time why the raincoat never comes off in dry weather.
  8. Matt.Cross


    Yes, come go look in your fridge! There's cold beer in here there!
  9. That model didn't have a designation aside from the "LR-308" nomenclature. That model (specifically that barrel length configuration) was available in at least three different handguard configurations, two different gas blocks, fluted and non-fluted barrels, and about a half dozen separate muzzle devices, all available by order from DPMS's website back in the day.
  10. Are you contextualizing the whole forum by one deleted comment, or did I misunderstand your meaning? This is a great community of folks and we do our best to welcome newcomers. I'm not sure what your beef is here....
  11. Gotta hit that low hanging fruit brother, it's an unspoken rule...
  12. I'm shooting and Tom is supporting. We're going to heat it up until his hemorrhoids are cauterized.
  13. Considering that we live in easily the most litigious society in the history of mankind, and yet the manufacturer themselves told this gentleman it would be fine.... maybe just maybe there's something to it. Now, I'm not expecting anyone to adopt my viewpoint here, but there's a wealth of information available to those who want to research this, and a simple search does the trick: https://www.fulton-armory.com/faqs/M14-FAQs/308.htm It's actually fairly common knowledge these days that modern barrel materials are more than up to the task of dealing with the pressure difference between the two rounds, which is the principle concern given the exact same external dimensions between the two rounds. The consensus among folks who know way more than I do, is that it's fine to run either case in either chamber; so I have no concerns about echoing the manufacturer in saying it'll be fine, with of course the proviso that it's a no-no in older military surplus. As for being anyone's better, I appreciate the compliment but I'm no better or more authorative than anyone else here, I'm simply repeating what's been conventional wisdom here since pretty much the outset of this forum.
  14. Negative Ghost Rider, you can shoot either in either chamber these days. It's not advisable for older military surplus, but in these modern large frame ARs, it's not an issue.
  15. I'm going to lose a lot of personal time to re-watching that video.... I see you all again in several weeks.
  16. Amnesia is a common side effect of shooting Mike's reloads.
  17. Mike's handloads are a public service to people who have always wanted to know what it feels like for a pipe bomb to detonate in your hand.
  18. It's time to learn "The Rule". Fellas, ya'll know what to do.....
  19. Topic cleaned, see the Kyle Rittenhouse thread in Politics section.
  20. There's no picture of an armed hottie in your post... What's wrong with you?
  21. He defended himself successfully against multiple attackers, with no collateral damage to bystanders. All the people he shot had criminal records and were in the process of trying to do him great bodily injury when they were shot. Sorry, but that's badass by any sensible standard. No state lines were crossed with a weapon in his possession, that's already been cleared up. As for what he can legally own, having it on your person isn't ownership. I don't know what the quotes around the word 'kid' are all about, but he's certainly no adult. Based on what I've seen that kid do, I don't think he'll be so easily manipulated or pushed around... On the other hand, society has two less criminal thugs and one wannabe killer to worry about. If Lefty ever holds another pistol again he'll know that there are no guarantees in terms of potential outcomes. I call that a win. LEOs are taking enough flak these days without having their every decision second-guessed by armchair quarterbacks. Hindsight is 20-20 and anyone can "if only" a given situation to no end, but it's not productive or helpful, it's just more negativity to put out there. I guess you didn't see the video footage, because 'non-violent' is the least accurate description you could give. I don't know in what world trying to attack someone with a skateboard is non-violent, or attacking someone with a Molotov cocktail, but it's not this world. Spare me the drama, please. We're all adults here and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what happened. Your "agree with my thinking or I take my ball and go home" is beneath you, or at least it should be. If not, shame on you and have a nice life.
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