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  1. It's the evolution of devolution! It's the ARC of fate and destiny if you will....
  2. A Ballistic Advantage 18" SPR-profile barrel in 6mm ARC!
  3. Welcome, and feel free to create a thread to discuss anything you want to about what you're working on and trying to accomplish.
  4. Oh that's a superb pistol! I couldn't seem to miss with it...
  5. I wouldn't advise it. You need to keep changes to a minimum, drilling your gas port might cause issues you could've avoided. If the correct buffer and spring fix your issue, you're done. If not, drilling up is the next logical step.
  6. Go here: http://heavybuffers.com/ar10carbine.html and order the buffer + spring combo of your choice, either of the first two weights on that page should work. The "extended carbine" option requires a buffer tube that's 7.625" (7 & 5/8") internal depth, which can also be bought from the same site if you wish.
  7. And other people wander blindly into a group of people they don't know and start arriving at ill-informed conclusions, which they then spout as gospel. Surely you can understand why that's not putting you in the good graces of folks here. Feelings aside, if you have questions you'll be pointed towards valid data to solve your problems, but you have to understand that said data was gained through hard-earned personal time, money, and experience/experimentation. Newcomers aren't owed anything, perseverance and thick skin combined with the ability to listen to what you're told will make you a fixture in this community.
  8. You're up against at least two factors, if not three, all of which stem from PSA sucking at design and going for cost savings in manufacturing. Your recoil buffer and spring are the known bad factors, the only question remaining is whether or not your buffer tube will work with the correct buffer and spring. Once we have the internal depth of your buffer tube, we can tell you whether or not you need to replace all three items, or just two. This is why we want measurements with pictures. Explaining the physics isn't productive when a buffer tube that's too short will never allow adequate function to begin with....
  9. No problem, welcome to the forums!
  10. Your recoil buffer system isn't up to snuff, PSA has yet to get it right. Post up the internal depth of the buffer tube, preferably with pictures.
  11. It's been cleaned up and is fine, but please don't spam the forums, we'll gladly relocate anything that needs it.
  12. Their website is certainly erroneous and misleading, unless they're actually selling Armalite products as well. Long story short, the term "AR-10" has erroneously become a catch-all phrase for 308 ARs, which causes issues for folks who order aftermarket parts not knowing the difference.
  13. They can be PM'd to you, we won't be posting them to gen-pop....
  14. Preserved for time immemorial.... Yeah, that just happened!
  15. Congratulations Doc, that's quite an accomplishment in this day and age!
  16. Wow, just wow... ETA: On a somewhat related topic, does anyone have any data on the average heat, pressure, and duration of a gnat's fart? I'm pretty sure gnats farting in my face are what's causing my 100 yard group holes to be so ragged....
  17. what instrument, or instruments do you play?
  18. Also from NC, very near Hickory! Give me a shout via PM if I can help you with anything.
  19. What's this "pulling out" thing ya'll are referring to?
  20. Thanks for looking at the bigger picture before arriving at that conclusion for the rest of us... You had your answer at "call PSA", that's the best answer you could've been given, and it was given in the spirit and intent of helping you. PSA's lackluster performance in the large AR platform is well documented within this community, and we've helped a great many of their customers get their product to work as it should have at the outset, because we ARE a friendly community. What exactly do your handloads have to do with the loss of the screw, that wouldn't be equally plausible with factory ammo?
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