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  1. That's roughly .030" clearance, or more than .015" per side of clearance if the actual bullet diameter is in fact .358".
  2. The only real important ejection metric in the large AR is whether or not the brass is making it clear of the gun. If you get that reliably, be thankful and spend your time learning to realize the full potential of your weapon.
  3. What do you mean "sometimes"? Are you new here? :P
  4. You know better than to threaten me with a good time...
  5. Matt.Cross

    Ammo sales

    No problem with making inquiries, but please make note of where you're posting and try to keep things in their proper compartment. Thank you, and welcome to the forums!
  6. Matt.Cross

    New guy

    Please don't post anything publicly, you're welcome to PM me details though. Sorry to hear you got taken advantage of...
  7. The best way to learn the rule, is UNINTENTIONALLY. This should go without saying.
  8. That's incorrect, don't rely on that info. A simple comparison of the case dimensions will tell you all you need to know.
  9. Glad your guns are running as they should've to begin with!
  10. He evidently has never dealt with Lothar-Walther...
  11. Old wives tales, not true at all.
  12. Sweet! Gonna have to get me some of those!
  13. I don't know who you guys think ya'll are fooling, I'll bet you understand kangaroos far better than you understand any woman....
  14. Merry Christmas to all the Mad Marksmen of 308AR.com!
  15. Yes, absolutely, couldn't agree more. It was entirely unanticipated as an outcome though, I had no idea it would work out so good.
  16. That sucked.... I wanted that to work out so much....
  17. Hey pass that along little buddy, I could use a few mouthfuls of that myself....
  18. *Looks at a green Hornady hat and swallows hard* Yeah, I need to send you some stuff....
  19. Matt.Cross


    That's the rumor!
  20. Matt.Cross


    Thank you, it's about time somebody around here stepped up for AZ....
  21. RIP Mr. Yeager, a true warrior, patriot, and legend. The world is diminished for the loss of him
  22. I'll endorse it, 'cause I think it's funny when morons hurt themselves. If you want to be stupid you'd better be plenty tough in life.
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