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  1. Topic cleaned, see the Kyle Rittenhouse thread in Politics section.
  2. There's no picture of an armed hottie in your post... What's wrong with you?
  3. He defended himself successfully against multiple attackers, with no collateral damage to bystanders. All the people he shot had criminal records and were in the process of trying to do him great bodily injury when they were shot. Sorry, but that's badass by any sensible standard. No state lines were crossed with a weapon in his possession, that's already been cleared up. As for what he can legally own, having it on your person isn't ownership. I don't know what the quotes around the word 'kid' are all about, but he's certainly no adult. Based on what I've seen that kid do, I don't think he'll be so easily manipulated or pushed around... On the other hand, society has two less criminal thugs and one wannabe killer to worry about. If Lefty ever holds another pistol again he'll know that there are no guarantees in terms of potential outcomes. I call that a win. LEOs are taking enough flak these days without having their every decision second-guessed by armchair quarterbacks. Hindsight is 20-20 and anyone can "if only" a given situation to no end, but it's not productive or helpful, it's just more negativity to put out there. I guess you didn't see the video footage, because 'non-violent' is the least accurate description you could give. I don't know in what world trying to attack someone with a skateboard is non-violent, or attacking someone with a Molotov cocktail, but it's not this world. Spare me the drama, please. We're all adults here and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what happened. Your "agree with my thinking or I take my ball and go home" is beneath you, or at least it should be. If not, shame on you and have a nice life.
  4. My sentiments exactly. How in the world is a difference of opinion so much more important than the years of community we've had here?
  5. Remove the hydraulic buffer from the equation and get a buffer or buffer + spring combo from @Slash and be done with your issues. Pawn the hydraulic buffer off on the next poor soul who can't be persuaded against their better sense that they're junk.
  6. Measure the width of the hammer side to side, and the width of the hammer clearance slot on the BCG. I had a similar issue once with a BCG with too narrow a hammer slot.
  7. It's true. Can't hit a barn from inside it, but hang a target at 650 yards and the t-post will take a hit right through the spine and collapse.
  8. Is she still in good shape, mangled, what's the deal? I don't suppose your steel targets were recovered too?
  9. I've combined a flat wound spring and hydraulic buffer. If your goal is to make a functional rifle into a paperweight, that combo works perfectly. I'd recommend a buffer + spring combo from Slash instead.
  10. Yeah, I don't think Corona has the guts to fool with him...
  11. He's going to be posting some data from last Sunday here pretty soon. He's been busy, but I talked to him very recently and he's fine.
  12. If you back them out and measure the OD of the thread, you can find torque specs quite easily online. https://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/bolts/US-Recommended-Torque.aspx
  13. Matt.Cross

    My first!

  14. That's creative thinking right there! I love it!
  15. This is a definite win for all our Cali brothers and sisters. Finally some good news from the left coast.
  16. Nice looking rifles brother, I'm excited for you.
  17. Like a praying mantis, you would die happy....
  18. I'm tempted to think this is going to be a lube problem, just not enough slippery stuff to make all the action happen mo' betta.
  19. You gonna finally put a load in the dishwasher huh? You wait till your old lady hears about that...
  20. I too checked out their website, using their own designation would be perfect. Roam's rifles look really nice, I wouldn't mind doing some testing & assessment for them....
  21. I'm just stirring the pot brother...
  22. If you don't mind my asking, what is Roam's model designation for these rifles? The reason I ask is because "AR-10" is a manufacturer specific designation that can cause compatibility issues when ordering parts that aren't compatible across the DPMS and ArmaLite platforms. By understanding the difference, you can prevent folks from ordering incompatible parts for their Roam rifles.
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