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Travel With Firearms


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Some good info here.  Been a LONG time since I traveled with weapons and gear, late 1980's during the Ronald Regan years.  We used Pelican cases, locked of course.  Made a total of 37 trips to various places, most out of Connus.  Only had one incident and that was during a plane switch at Miami International.  We actually saw one of our cases coming up a conveyer belt and a worker trying futilely to get into it.  He was successful but thankfully he only got into one that had our gun belts and some gear and not weapons.  Several of us who saw him from the plane identified him during an investigation but nothing really came out of it because we only saw him trying to get into the case, it disappeared from our view before he actually got it open.

Back then it was pretty easy, we traveled with Official Passports and checked into each Country with the help of Embassy Officials and a representative from the leading Law Enforcement agency from the Country we were entering, bypassing Customs, then bypassing it again on the return trip.

Once in a while we would go to a school/training in Connus and travel with weapons.  I don't remember all the details being 30 years ago but it was pretty easy back then.  We showed up with travel orders and a copy of our itinerary on an official letterhead, declaring the weapons(s) during check-in, showing our paperwork/credentials and breezing right on thru. 

I would imagine things are considerably more restrictive/difficult these days since 9-11 and/or if you are a civilian/non LE traveling with weapons and ammunition........Cliff

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On 12/30/2014 at 11:30 AM, 98Z5V said:


Here's a start - dig into the regulations, and print copies of the regulations - don't print a webpage.  Make sense? 



Another comprehensive article:




DO NOT USE the stupid TSA locks!  You cannot - they won't let it on the aircraft with TSA locks on it.


Militarily, we always used Pelican cases and Hardigg cases. The two companies have kinda combined now.  It's unpossible to fuk up a Hardigg case. 

Even though the thread is old,this is still very much relative

^^This right there^^^

The ONLY other thing to consider is magazine capacity if you are going to a restricted state.

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