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Alliant's AR Comp...


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Hey fellas,


Been checking around for some recent info/experience with this and everything I've found is pretty much a few years old at best. Just want to see if anyone has any recent experience with this powder....here's a pic of my .308 too, hopefully shooting for out to 1k until I get my 6 Creedmoor built...



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A few years ago I asked Alliant about their AR Comp for loading the M1 30-06. This was their reply:


"AR Comp should be a good choice as it is very slightly faster burning than RL 15.  The charge wts for AR Comp are slightly lighter than for RL 15, approx. 5% or a little more."


I would say begin experimenting. Start low, work your way up. Let us know how it works.

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Sketch -- oddly enough, i haven't been finding much info on it.... mineralman55 is the most recent person to say anything about it, i've asked in other places and just don't get alot of responses...still going to keep researching...looking to test it on my Lapua D46's i have...

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Powder- Alliant AR Comp

Primer- Federal 210

Case - Federal

OAL - 2.800"

155grHornadyAMax - 43.6gr - 2907fps

165grSpeerBTHP- 42.8gr - 2820fps

168grHornadyBTHP - 41.7gr - 2752fps

168grSierraBTHP - 42.2gr - 2782fps

168grSpeerBTHP - 42.4gr - 2780fps

175grSierraBTHP - 41.4gr - 2719fps

175grHorñadyAMax - 40.7gr -2664fps

175grHornadyBTHP - 40.6gr - 2670fps

180grSierraBTHP - 40.5gr - 2657fps

180grSierraBTSP - 41.0gr - 2664fps

These two have OAL of 2.775"

150grHornadyGMX - 44.5gr - 2929fps


These numbers are Alliant's #s,start lower and work up and look for pressure signs. Good luck !

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  The lack of responses may be because it has been hard to get any of the Powders we used to be able to just order anytime we wanted to .  We are just now seeing Powders come back in stock after many years of nothing . It's still sparse stock of most powders & hardly any of the most well known powders, are still not available .

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Thought I'd bump an old thread.

I decided to give AR-comp a go with 155 sierra TMK's in my 20" AR.

photo 308ampG34 004_1.jpg


The above target dots are 2" and this was at 300 yards, 5 shots each. 42 grains of AR-comp appeared to be the most consistent. I plan to take that load back out and check the velocity and 700 yard performance in the coming days. Also, 40-40.2 grains was my overall best load of AR-comp with 175 smk's. That and the loads above were in Lapua brass so if you are using something with more case capacity like Winchester you will want to add a few tenths of a grain... usually about .3 IME

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Ten rounds over the magnetospeed: 2739 SD-13 ES=42 for 155 TMK with 42 grains of AR-Comp.

Five rounds of 41 grains of AR-Comp and 168 TMK: 2630 SD-9 ES-21

I have some work to do yet on the 155 load as that is more ES than I want for long range use. I took a guess at the 168 load and tried 40.8, 41 and 41.2... 40.8 shot the best on my 300 yard target with very little vertical. 

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isn't the bullet strike at 4 o'clock, just off the target actually two holes??


If the shooter says so . Its hard to tell sometimes if your not there  . Cardboard sometimes distorts impact holes .

 I know the Criterion 20" barrel is capable of doing in . I do it quite often with my 20" HB.

I have also been testing 155's from three different Criterion Barrel  lengths . I'm using Nosler 155Match & Hornady 155 gr. A max. & the Hornady's are impressive so far. I'm using Ramshot ,Tac.

   It will be interesting how your ES changes ,I think you know , up or down in Velocity can change a lot  . try a different Primer , if the charge weight doesn't provide the desired results . 

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