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Just function testing


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What do you guys think about wasting Steel case ammo for function testing rifles? My latest build needs to get TORTURED and I'm debated on how I want to go about this.

The way I see it, I have three choices:

1. Steel (TulAmmo, Wolf, etc) @ $0.35pr

2. Remanufactured brass $0.45pr

3. Inexpensive bulk brass $0.60pr

This is NOT for accuracy. This is just for putting a new rifle through the motions and getting some wear on the parts. 

Part of me says go cheap, but I worry about the quality of steel ammo. I need consistency in the loads to make sure I'm adjusting the rifle properly. Should I trust the cheap stuff?


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As long as it's not the cheapest of the cheap, and lacquered.  That shiit causes it's own problems with the chamber,once you burn that lacquer off the cases.  It can gum shiit up quick, and it's hell to get out of the chamber.

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   For function testing of a new build /Rifle or upgrade, I would want the best known cycling ammo I have or know, only because you are function testing components , not ammo . If you put some cheap ammo through a new build & it has issues , you will be looking at not just the rifle components for causes , but them & the ammo, best to eliminate one before you even begin , that way you know their is a better chance of a component issue ,or mechanical issue , then wondering if its the $hit ammo . Plenty of time to play with the cheap fodder later to see how it functions in a known functioning action . 

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46 minutes ago, bfoosh006 said:

If you have any Turkish ZQI .308 laying around... use that.

Dismal accuracy from all my .308 firearms... so much so that I have re-assigned it to just rifle break in.

If you need to buy some break in ammo... I'd buy some Fed. XM80... maybe not the most accurate but it sure is reliable.

Not only that, but the ZQ-1 brass is great for reloading. When Walmart was closing it out for $5.40 a box I bought a 1000 for that reason. Don't care about the accuracy, just gimme the brass!

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