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Hello from SC


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I'm assembling my first "AR" and I dove into the deep end. I'm using a PTAC-10 lower receiver and a PSA Gen1 upper receiver (impulse buy for $170 NIB, assembled, I just couldn't say no). Faxon BCG, Faxon 20" .308 Pencil barrel and a Superlative Arms adjustable gas block and Swarovski glass are in the safe. I'm planning on ordering a Luth-AR, MB-3, and am leaning towards a Geissele SD-E as it increases trigger reach 1/5 of an inch and I have gorilla hands. I'm debating lapping a Redfield (Weaver) Tactical SPR scope mount a try ($20 from Cabela's) but I'm not sure if it's worth it. My current top alternative mounts are currently the Vortex or an Aero Precision ultralight mount (Aero is much lighter).

I'm having a tough time finding a reasonably priced, lightweight, Non-Metal, extended length handguard. The rifles intended use is hunting (reason I don't want a metal handguard) and target practice. Oh yeah, I'm trying to keep the weight under 8#. Without handguard, scope,  mag or optics I'm at 6.68#.


Anyone have, or know anyone who has, any experience with the carbon feather 308 hand guard.  It's light at 11 oz with barrel nut.  Still heavier than I wanted, but the DPMS handguard I want (<8oz with barrel nut) is no longer produced and I can't find a used one anywhere. 

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Lancer makes nice stuff.


I ended up buying an Odin Works 15" handguard.  It's a compromise (thin aluminium is noisy in the woods) but I couldn't pass up a 15", 12oz, handguard for $136.

I looked at Odin's O2 line but it was so light/skerletonized I was able to bend it with 1 hand using only my thumb. 

Now I just need the fire control group and an MBA-3 (eventually).

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