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PX-10 (not a typo)


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Hindsight, I'd keep the LR308 barrel nut threads, keep the lower profile LR308 rail system, and take advantage of the multiple 308AR barrels that are already on the market. No reason to short your buyers on barrel options just so they can have AR15 handguards. There are plenty of 308AR handguards to choose from already. 

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I honestly like the idea of the smaller AR15 sized barrel extension. It should have been part of the rifle from the beginning. I think DPMS shot themselves in the foot when they made yet another new barrel but thread. Especially without releasing a reason other than "because". 

Pretty sure they were hoping to license the upper to other companies so the thread pattern would catch on. Instead, other companies made their uppers with AR15 threads... or avoided the new barrel altogether. 

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  • 3 years later...

To let folks know, that in Sept 2020 PSA bought out DPMS and it's holding company. Am guessing that PSA wants the corner on the DPMS series Lowers for AR 15's, AR 10's, and their PX 10 variant.  PSA sells the complete PX-10, and you can buy the Upper as a complete unit, but as of this posting they do not carry a PX-10 Lower Receiver, or build kit. Had heard that they used to sell a PX-10 Complete Lower, but had some legal issues with it being called a rip off of the DPMS Gen II Receiver. I guess it was cheaper to buy DPMS out than go to court.

Although there is no news on the web page for PSA, and no new products have shown up, I am guessing it is just a matter of time before PSA's catalog has what used to br DPMS propriety Gun parts and pieces for sale.

As of now I have a PX 10 Complete Upper, and in search of a compatible Lower has been long, and found nothing. Even getting PSA to address this problem has been slow, and am still waiting on what the final word is.


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So you know, DPMS never had a Gen 2. It had a G2. It was a smaller framed 308AR to cut weight. I believe the Remington version of their 308AR was built on the same receivers. Not compatible with anything else. PSA’s rifles are not compatible with many manufacturers parts. The PX 10 may not work with the G2 parts. We have never seen one in real life. PSA’s have exactly been ready to go out of the box and tend to need some help. 

if you get one of these, please, for the benefit of the forum, give very detailed info on all dimensions. It will help us solve the issues that are almost guaranteed to pop up. 

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9 hours ago, Munkeyphist said:

 I guess it was cheaper to buy DPMS out than go to court.

Remington owned DPMS, and Remington went bankrupt.  7 different companies bought chunks of what Remington was.  JJE Capital Holdings LLC for the DPMS, H&R, Stormlake, AAC and Parker brands;   JJE Holdings = PSA. 

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  • 1 year later...

PSA is now advertising DPMS Gen II parts on their site, which is new. I had heard, and did some research online in early 2021 when I was looking for info on parts compatibility, that PSA had bought out DPMS. Had heard of the copyright infringement PSA had on DPMS parts and that there was a legal case addressing something between the 2 companies. Checked back months later, and again in some thread out there, it was noted that DPMS had "changed ownership", but no mention of who had bought them out. Seeing this thread, I guess it isnt to hard to figure out who the new owners of the DPMS logo are.

On a side note, I do own a PSA PX 10 .308 AR that have had some problems with, specifically the Charging Handle binding. Culprit appears to be a misaligned Takedown pin orifice in either the Lower or the Upper, not sure which. Returned it in May for repairs, and am still waiting. Have corresponded X 3 by email and X 1 by phone with them and get the standard reply of "We will get back to you soon with an updated status". Still waiting.

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Yep, when the Remington bankruptcy and breakup happened, PSA got DPMS and Remington shotguns.  There are reports on here about who bought what.  JJE Holdings is what to search on - that's PSA.

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