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Whats the difference?

boo radley

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My first suggestion is to go through the 308AR website and the 308AR forum. Go through the archives and you will get your questions answered and learn a fair amount about all of them and which direction to take your build. You will know a lot more that way then having one of us try to answer a really involved question in ten sentences or less.

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As sisco mentioned, here is a good place to start with some of the basic differences.


Or the main page at https://308ar.com/

An analogy I use occasionally is to relate large frame ARs (LFAR) to cars.  Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc... all make cars that perform the same basic function.  They all have a similar list of parts and components but they are not necessarily interchangeable. 

308s all use the same ammo just like many cars use gasoline.  Some rifles prefer different brands or weights of ammo just like certain cars run better on different octane gas. 

When you get to different calibers of LFARs, it is like having a diesel, hybrid, alternative fuel or electric car.  You have to know what fuel to put in it to make it go.

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1 hour ago, boo radley said:

Thanks Fellers

The AR15 parts are pretty much interchangeable. I see that the lowers and uppers of the Armalite 308 and DPMS 308 are different where they join at the upper rear. Ive also read where its better to put in an AR10 trigger and not a AR15 trigger even though it will operate and fit.

Welcome to the forum feel free to tell us about yourself in the intro section

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On 2/24/2018 at 8:01 AM, boo radley said:

AR 10

M 5

LR 8  LAR 8, Rock River Arms.  Pattern purchased from Bushmaster, BAR-10 previously.

LR 308

Ive also seen R 8 and there is a 6.2 Creedmor.6.5 Creedmoor (and 6 Creedmore now) Im building a (fill in the blank) and I want to buy the correct parts.

Three major patterns, DPMS LR-308-based, Armalite AR-10-based, and Rock River LAR-8-based. 

Minor patterns, as well, that include DPMS GII, PSA PA-10 is different, etc.

Advertisers typically don't know the difference, just that it's a "bigger AR."  They will misuse the term "AR-10" for everything from BCGs to barrels to you-name-it.  Calling it AR-10 means it's for the Armalite pattern.  That doesn't mean it's gonna work in your DPMS-based build.  Most of the time, it's really a DPMS_based part, and they erroneously called it "AR-10 whatever."  Seriously.  THAT is the biggest hazard.

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