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SFPD shootout


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well there's two thoughts sfpd has blanks per Pelosi, or they cant take a rat sighting and im ok with that.. rats have disease.. is anyone hit by friendly fire should be the call? lets ask @geistacwm if this is his place of bidness? silly shits there blue! 

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6 minutes ago, unforgiven said:

What do they say " in a stressful situation you will fall back on your training."


Or maybe they meant you will fall on your back....but just keep pulling The trigger in the general direction of the threat you cant actually see anyway.

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I hate to say it but I know more than a couple police officers that are NOT gun guys. They do their annual qualification and figure they’re good. Hell I was talking with one  about different buffer weights and spring tension and he looked at me like I was crazy. I said YOU’RE a certified Colt armorer and he said Colt just told us this is how you do it. 

I’m just glad that no one got hit with “not so friendly fire”. They all need to go through additional training though. Just my humble opinion.

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Why I always laugh when I see "Military Weapon Specialist or Certified Military Armorer. in normal non-HSLD units, That sham job tends to fall on the company suckass, or the useless guy that some plt sgt wants to get rid of. they hand him off to hq to sit in the arms room all day.


Cool story bro, time:

I remember as a pvt straight out of basic arguing with our armorer/range NCOIC about which way to rotate irons (M16A2)during zero. (Sgt Espinoza...still remember that smug cockbag) locked me up at parade rest for "mouthing off"  he had everyone shooting all over the place and was berating them for it.  I ignored him, zeroed with a few rounds, and shot expert on the pop-up ivans with the rest of the vets while my fellow noobs were still spraying rounds all over the 25yd paper target. everyone started listening to me instead of him. The other NCOs were clowning him hard. I was on his sh1t list forever. He would white glove me every weapon draw. For YEARS. 

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