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imschur's 300 AAC Blackout Project


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Well seeing I have a 16" Wilson Combat Recon Barrel and two boxes of ammo I might as well get this thing built. To that end I thought it might be fun to kick around my choices, options and such.

A few things to keep in mind. I live in CT and we have an assault weapons ban.  I can build a complete and nuetered weapon or utilize my preban Colt Sporter and do anything I want.

Also keep in mind if things go as planned I will have a 7.62 suppressor by winter.

So lets start with a basic question. What is the design role of a weapon chambered in 300 aac blackout?  <munch>

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It's my understanding that it was developed for a military/LE  type application, where they wanted good lethality at relatively close range from short barreled/suppressed weapons. What I hear is that a lot of people are finding that it's also an effective hunting rd at distances of less than 200 yds (makes sense).  My hope is that it will be useful for competition shooting against .223 equipped competitors because, if it is possible to make the major power factor, you are scored more leniently and don't have to be quite as accurate. I know that if I could own a suppressed gun, I'd be thinking suppressed SBR.  So, which of these functions sounds most interesting to you Drew? Another thing that is appealing about it is that it offers 7.62X39 performance in a package that shares much commonality with the AR 15 so you can make use of BCG's and magazines that you likely already have.

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Well I asking in this manner not just for myself but for the benefit of others too. For me there is no hunting and very little chance of competive shooting.  For me personally it would be targets, shtf and general duty applications.

I would suspect this would be an awesome hunting round in the conditions you desribe

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My buddy, who originally got me interested in the rd, first built a 16" upper and was so impressed with the results (he's one of those tactically focused individuals) that, he's in the process of building a short barreled suppressed upper for it. (he's in Maine). He is always evaluating everything from the tactical point of view, and since he's also a big 5.56 AR shooter and trains with them regularly, he demands commonality and redundancy between all his rifles. Obviously, the fact that the 300 can be built on the AR 15 platform means that all your training for one applies to the other, all your muscle memory, common mags, being able to scrounge parts fairly easily (he also has something of a survivalist mentality, so the ability to feed and keep one running if parts or loading supplies were to become scarce, is something that he reminds me of regularly. I'd say that it would make a pretty damn good SHTF weapon, especially with the can.

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Man, you're gonna kick my ass on this build/race, ain't ya?  <lmao>

My 300BLK-dedicated lower gets picked up tomorrow.  :-[

You know I can grow a whole gun out of a roll pin in under two weeks, so you better step it out...  <laughs>

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Dude Im scrimping cash so I can order three cans and tax stamps at once. Everything else is secondary. I need another server catastrophe at the office.

Anyhow for this build I really just need to select a handguard and buttstock. Im leaning towards the Wilson Combat and maybe the new RRA buttstock.

I have some Troy battle sights laying around but I may try something different just for a change.

I need to build a 6.8 SPCII upper. I still have the Adams Arms piston kit from last birthday hanging around.  <laughs>

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From the sound of it, I might actually have a chance, then!  ;D

Dude Im scrimping cash so I can order three cans and tax stamps at once.

3?  <dontknow>  Run a 762SD on your 5.56 guns, brother.  I see you have that one selected in another thread.  <thumbsup>  The sucky thing about that is paying for them, then they get shipped to your FFL, THEN you get the serial numbers and send in your paperwork.  They sit in the FFLs safe until the paperwork comes back.  I'm AD/HD bad enough that the wait would make me bonkers.  :o

I need another server catastrophe at the office.

I'm crying over here...  <lmao>

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What sucks is I have not finished my DPMS .308 build or my 300AAC build. The 300 is waiting on a damn rail and barrel nut and the 308 needs a barrel, BCG and CH. My wife just had to have a $800 frenchton 2 days ago while my rifles sit and wait on some loving. She spends my build money so I have to wait, but I still get a boner just holding the UNfinished rifles.... <laughs>

I also have another stripped lower and fixin to order a spec 6 POF lower.. in 556 as soon as I get ahold of the guy he has them for 140

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Looks like the same bbl. I have on mine . Nice light wt., shooten bbl.

Is that a carbine gas system ?

Nothing wrong with putting a Can on a 16" bbl.. Might be an advantage on what bullets will function through it with out playing around with gas ,buffer & such.

Yes , stubby rd. for sure , but when you shoot it , you will get to like it .

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  • 6 months later...

Bumping this old thread. Six months later Im still waiting on the tax stamp for the suppressor. I have the Wilson Combat TRIM FFHG on order. I'll  use a Timney Trigger I have on hand. Still pondering a stock. Im back and forth between a UBR  or a M4 SOCOM Modular Stock. Either will need pinned. Alternatively  I can pull the CTR off my Colt Sporter, pin it  and run the UBR on my Sporter unpinned.  The final step will be to pin and weld the AAC  muzzle brake to the barrel...stupid laws.

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