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Primary Arms 3~18x50 coming

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1 hour ago, thegreatoutlaw said:

How much does that run you?

Advertised price is gonna be $499.  FFP, illuminated, with several reticle choices.


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13 minutes ago, GoodByNAair said:

Maybe I should of held off on the 4-14X44mm Riflescope - ACSS HUD DMR ... Nah ! 

Nope, you're good, brother.  That reticle on a .308 is the sheeeit.  I've got it on a Rem 700 bolt gun,and it is excellent.  Also have it in a Mk12 Mod 1, and it delivers. Great, great scope, all the way around and any way you slice it.  It'll do everything you need it to do on a .308 Win round. 

This 3~18 scope is something they jumped on, when a couple other scope manufacturers just talked about it, and said they're gonna make one.  All talk, and PA beat them to the punch on it. It's more of a competition type scope, with a little more magnification for longass shots, but not something that's 24x.

It's in the PA 2018 catalog, and you can see all the reticles that will be offered for it. I think it's pg 31.  My bad - pg 7 is this scope...  Oh, the R-GRID reticle is back, and it'll be back on the 4~14 scope, too... 


For the record - the just-released 1~6 SFP scope with the Griffin Mil reticle is badfuckinass...  Just got it in my hands today, after some serious USPS-horsefuckery.  :thumbup:

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3 hours ago, RedRiverII said:

wonder if they will offer a 4th of July sale,  or do their optics,  which are a terrific deal to begin with,  always a steady price?

They have sales, and the 4th is a decent one.  What they select for the sales is a free-for-all, though.  Are you signed up for their emails?  I've seen that if I look at a certain item enough, it winds up as a sale item in an email a few weeks later...  :thumbup:

If everyone here searches that exact scope, that thing will go on sale... :laffs:

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