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95% Complete


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Here is the almost finished product.

Bushmaster ORC 308

Millett Tactical TRS-1    4-16x 50mm

Geissele S3G trigger

Enidine hydraulic buffer

Tubbs flat buffer spring

BAD ASS ambidextrous Safety

GG&G  Heavy Duty XDS Swivel Bipod

Magpul Precision Adjustable Stock

Magpul MOE Mid Length Hand Guard

Magpul MOE Trigger Guard

DPMS Panther Pistol Grip

95% because I am going to replace the butchered FSB/gas block, and add a muzzle break. Trying to figure out which ones. Cant wait any longer, so its going to the range Friday. I'll be sure to post how it goes. Really looking forward to squeezing that S3G........

Sorry the pictures are URL, not smart enough to work it out.


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I've got the S3G in one gun - you'll still love it.  Damn great trigger.  <thumbsup>

I'll try to replicate a run I made a couple weeks ago with that gun/trig.  18-something seconds for 19 rounds of fire.  It was moving to four different shooting positions.

Position 1 - engage one target, 3 rounds, move.

Position 2 - engage two targets, 3 rounds each, move.

Position 3 - engage one clay shotgun pigeon, end final time.

Position 4 - engage 3 targets, 3 rounds each, move.

Seems a little screwy by description, but it was:

Start on 1, move to 2, bypass 3 and shoot 4, then run back to 3 and end the course.  I had some butt-hurt buddies on my final run, and they didn't even want to go back out and shoot again to try to beat it.  Homos.  <lmao>  I NEED to take my helmet-cam out there, hooked up to my mellon.  It's a pretty fun course to shoot. 

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Nice day at the range. Love the trigger! Zero play, and a super clean break. Shot some good groups with the exception of pulling a couple.

Recoil is darn near unbearable. Hydraulic buffer and flat spring dont seem to have had much effect of reducing the recoil. Two failure to extracts from the factory metal mag, none from the Pmag. Ammo shot was Federal 168 grain Match.

The recoil has to be dealt with, it is crazy. Maybe over gassed? Maybe an adjustable gas block would help? I would appreciate any suggestions you all have to offer. Shot 40 rounds and feel like I was kicked by a mule.

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Perceived recoil is a subjective thing. I have a MEGA .308 with a 14.5" Noveske barrel with fixed BABC muzzle brake. I find the recoil to be pretty mild, not .223 race gun mind you, but I could put 100's of rounds through it without feeling beat up afterwards. I figure your gun must be at least as heavy as mine, and the gas system/barrel length are close, so the only thing I can come up with is that I have Clint's CAR XH buffer and spring in mine. I have never tried the Endine, is there any chance the one you have is defective or malfunctioning? If recoil is truly punishing, does the carrier slam the extension at the end of it's stroke? If so you should resolve it before putting too many more rds through the gun to avoid doing any damage to it. If it's not slamming the back of the extension, you might be just experiencing the characteristics of the Endine. Maybe another member that is using one could give us their opinion.

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Silly rabbit, you're still using the A2 birdcage flash hider. Go find a reputable brake or comp. A JP brake or a BABC comp would make a world of difference. There are a lot of other (less expensive) options available also. The bird cage does nothing to help the average shooter.

I'm sure you already know this, but for the readers who don't... If you shoot with your bipod on a table (or similar hard surface) you are going to bounce. Bipods work best when shooting on the ground. If you want to table shoot, simulate the ground under the bipod by folding a towel or a jacket under the feet. A strip of memory foam would be awesome.

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