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Another New Guy


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New to the forum but not new to AR’s.  The first centerfire rifle I ever fired was an M16A1 (made by the Hydramatic Div. of GM) in Army BCT back in 1973.  Since then I’ve acquired several Colt AR’s (in 5.56 & 9mm), a BCM-4, a couple S&W’s (in 5.56 & 7.62), and an ArmaLite AR-10A2 “Infantry Model” and an M-15A2 “Service Model”.  

I retired from LE last year, 42 years working patrol.  I found the older I got, the more I appreciated lightweight weapons and the last AR I carried was a Colt AR6720 w/ Aimpoint PRO & Surefire Scoutlight (furnished by yours truly).  

I never heard of an AR-10 until after I left the Army but from the time I read of it I wanted one.  I finally got one back in early 2007 and I liked it so much that I bought the 5.56 version (both with green furniture).   Even though I have several flat tops with red dot sights I really enjoy shooting my ArmaLites (honestly, I’ve never really warmed up to RDS anyway, still prefer iron sights even though I don’t see as good as I used to).  

A lot of good info in this forum.


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Thank you all for the welcome.  

Just to add, I’m an NRA Benefactor Member and I’ve become pretty libertarian in my outlook on life.  The first thing I did after signing out-of-service after my last shift, before exiting my patrol car was to give thanks to the Lord that I never had to shoot anyone (although I had several close calls over the years).  I have been blessed.  

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