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Stainless (satin) Lower Parts. Where to find?


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Hey everyone. I'm hoping the group here can help me find some lower parts. I'm wanting the parts in Satin (no shine) Stainless for accent. I don't know where the best places are to find what I need, so if you can suggest specific places to look, I'd appreciate the help.

I'm wanting to find the following in Satin Stainless.

Take-Down Pins (For the Aero Precision M5E1)

Extended mag Release Button

Safety (Complete. No Ambi)

Hand Guard Torx Screws (For the AP M5E1 Enhanced (8))

(I don't want to mix Titanium in with Stainless Steel because of the difference in color)


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The take down pins, hand guard screws and safety/selector are steel so you could send them out and have them 'satin' chrome plated.

I have a friend that restores vintage motorcycles and he gets a lot of fasteners and small parts satin chromed for corrosion resistance, a good plating shop should be able to do this for you.

The mag release button, aluminium, that could be tricky, best option would be to media blast it to it's base metal and then get it anodised, anodising can be done without adding the colours that we are all used to, it's the same process minus the colouring step.

Media blasting can achieve all sorts of finishes depending on the media used, I have had a lot of success with very fine grade crushed garnet media, it gives a really nice 'flat' finish to stainless, be aware that if you media blast aluminium or stainless you have to use virgin media, if any ferrous metals have been blasted with the media prior you will end up with tiny ferrous particles embedded in your part and they will rust, ask me how I found that out?.


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20 hours ago, Robocop1051 said:

I have a spare SS bolt catch and SS BAD-ASS safety levers. They were all made custom for my .308AR  

Both were “one off” projects by SI-Defense (aka Falkor Defense) and BAttle Arms Development. 

The SS Bolt catch, I also want. Which I did not mention in my OP.

For reference, the Pivot Pin (shaft length) is 1-5/8"

The Take-Down Pin (shaft length) is 1-1/16"

The pins I've managed to find reference "extended" for length. I'm not finding measurements listed for said items anywhere.


Thanks to all who've replied thus far. Keep the ideas coming!

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