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My county just became a 2nd Amendment sanctuary county!

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Bloomberg and his ilk descended on New Mexico after the first of the year, trying to take advantage of the fact that the voters elected Michelle Lujan Grisham as Governor. They have pushed to get several bills into the state legislature infringing on 2nd Amendment rights, two of which are a red flag law and a law making any firearm transfer illegal unless done through an FFL. In spite of 30 of our 33 sheriffs standing up and opposing these bills at the legislature, they are moving forward and if they make it to Grisham's desk there is no doubt whatsoever she will sign them into law!

Folks in our county have been quick to react and aren't putting up with this B.S.! I don't know who spearheaded this move but it went down quick! We had a County Commissioners meeting yesterday at the courthouse and it was standing room only in that courtroom! Word traveled fast! Halfway through the meeting a couple of guys from the Fire Dept. showed up (wonder who called them?) and the Commissioners were told that the room was way over capacity and some people would have to leave. Nobody budged. Several speakers addressed the Commissioners in support of this action and not one person talked in opposition. After listening to several citizens comments (all of which ended with applause from those in attendance) they took a vote on the proposal. Passed unanimously to a round of cheers and applause!

The proposal stated that the Luna County New Mexico Commissioners, in upholding their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of New Mexico and protect the rights of the residents of the county declare Luna County, New Mexico to be a 2nd Amendment sanctuary county and that NO resources of the county, including the Luna County Sheriffs Office would be used in any manner the would infringe upon the 2nd Amendment rights of any law abiding resident of the county. Sheriff Kelly Gannaway was present for the entire proceeding and stood in 100% support for the action.


Apparently, 14 of New Mexico's 33 counties have taken this action at this point! The people are fed up with Albuquerque and Santa Fe politics running the state!

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A good start to a good fight. The next move to watch is that the state will declare that any county operating outside of state policy will not get state funding for certain projects. Politics are ugly. Keep up the fight. 

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