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Hex mags


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Yes I have a few of them, they work. also a great company. I just posted about their customer service on 30full. this is it and two other companies.


I have to brag on these three companies

First is Hexmag, I ordered a couple of their mags and they came in and they had the restrictor plate in them. they were only 15 rounds and I thought I was ordering the 30 round.

I didn’t order from them directly, I think it was midway. anyway I ordered the wrong one. it was my fault. so I have a couple 30 round mags that will only hold 15. the only thing that I needed was a spring. So I e mailed hexmag and they never responded. A few days later I e mailed them again. I was asking if I could just buy a couple springs. About three days later I get a call from the president of hexmag.

He apologized for not answering the first e mail. I told him not a problem and explained i ordered the wrong mag and wanted to buy a couple springs. he said they can’t sell the springs but since we didn’t answer your e mails i’m going to send you three 30 round mags free.

I said WOW, you don’t have to do that it was my fault on ordering them, he said we take care of our customers and ask me what color i wanted. i told him and not long they come in the mail. I told him that was mighty nice what you’re doin and thanked him. Soon after i made a purchase of several of their mags in 308 and 223.

Next is Leapers, I have their accu shot scope on a 300 blackout and was hunting in a ground blind one morning and didn’t see anything i wanted to shoot and unloaded the gun and leaned it against the blind inside so i could unzip it to get out.

well the gun fell over and the scope landed on a shooting stick laying on the ground. it broke the scope cover. it’s a weird shaped scope on the front and cover is odd shaped.

I e mailed UTG and ask to purchase a cover. The next day i got a call from them, She said we can’t sell just the cover but if you give me your address i will send you one out. I explained it was my fault and she said not a problem. i’ll get it in the mail. few days later i got it.

Now Buck knives, I had a buck clip on knife and the screws come loose on the clip and i lost a couple of them. Again i e mailed buck to buy some screws, got an e mail back that day and they wanted my address and said they would send some out free.

I thanked them and sure enough a few days they sent me a clip and screws. I put Loctite on these

I just wanted to brag on these guys and will continue to buy their products.

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