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Well ****


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So as a few of you know, after like 3 years, i finally got my .260 remington built.

Well so i thought... 

I got my bullets and was probably going to just shoot it and see the results. But something made me decide to go have the headspace checked without even trying to chamber a round. Good thing too. 

Come to find out, the go gage wouldnt fit. My bolt wont even rotate and lock with a round im the chamber. If i would have let one ride forward from the mag with that much force, i bet it would probably take an act of God to get it out.

Now i thought all my parts matched up like they should. Well on closer look, my ACME bolt carrier group is i guess DPMS specs eventhough it says AR-10. I followed up with McGowen barrels and they said their "AR-10 barrels" should work with either DPMS or Armalite bolts. 

Am i wrong in that you don't mix and match bolts and barrel extensions? I was under the impression a LR 308 bolt in an AR-10 barrel extension would make the headspacing to tight. 

My fault for trying to build something out of the ordinary when i am do inexperienced with 308ars. Now i need your help. 

McGowen did say if i sent them the barrel and bolt, they would adjust the headspacing. Just wondering if there was an easier fix.

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1 hour ago, Matt.Cross said:

Send it to them and call it a day.

Yeah... what he said.


It would entail entirely to much pain and suffering to try and do this on your own, plus, you'll get a new barrel out of the deal. 


With out a set of gauges, you don't really know for sure if it's the chamber or the barrel extension.

          Chamber.... easy, check, and ream to proper size or scrap if too big. 

          Extension... pain, the barrel is already been drilled for a gas hole, now that index pin in the barrel extension needs to stay inline with that hole. So now you would have to loosen it, shim it, and re tighten to at least 150 lbs ft torque. with all keeping the pin and hole inline. 

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