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NEXUS Ammunition


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WTF is a MK12? 😉


But it was nice to get the kids together for their play date. Its been too long 



Also...as sad as it makes me, im going to have to swap the A1 stock to my VLTOR MOD. I love the look and simplicity but that cheek weld sucks for long shots. I have to put some function over form. 



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We were fortunate to have @JBMatt reach out to Nexus Ammunition, and his initial contact was just about questions about the company, and the ammo.  Their goal is to produce ammunition that has the consistency of handloads, repeatable accuracy, charge weights measured down to the 1/100 of a grain (!!!), and single-digit deviation numbers - across all lots of ammo.  Matt went to their location, which isn't really open to the public, and was speaking to someone about it (the ammo).  As he talked to one person, they would say, "Come over here, I want you to meet..." another, and another, and another.  Pretty soon, he's talking to all the people in charge of different aspects of Nexus (marketing, production, etc.). 

This was last week, Wednesday.  He calls me on the phone and asks, "Did Ron bring that .338 Lapua Magnum MRAD?"   I say, "Yes, he did..."  Matt says, "Okay, I'll call you right back!"

Matt informed Nexus of the shoot, the gathering, and what we were doing.  They asked what distance calibers we collectively had, so Matt tells them .338 Lapua Magnum, .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, some pretty decent 5.56 precision guns, .300 Win Mag.  They asked him if we had any .260 Remington guns going, and he promptly replied that we did have one.  Matt was thinking he'd get a box of ammo for this or that caliber, but they really shocked him/us, in a big way.  They donated alot of ammo for us to test, but they wanted a couple different specific bits of info. 

1.  How many of those calibers were we handloading for?   The answer was, all of them.  We collectively handload all those calibers, and across those calibers, we have some pretty badass handloads.  Good...

2.  Check the Nexus ammo at your zero distance, against your handloads, and see how it does in group size, compared to your handloads.  We can accomplish that.

3.  Particular interest, how does it do beyond 800 yards?  Yes, we can do that, as well.

I did not get to the 5.56 and .260 extensive testing, but I will in the next couple weekends, positively.  I did, however, test the .300 Win Mag ammunition...

My .300 Win Mag loads are with 225gr Hornady ELD-M projectiles, RL-22 powder, all cases trimmed to the same length, inner and outer VLD-chamfered, CCI 250 Large Rifle Magnum primers.  The particular Remington 700 has a 26" heavy barrel, 30 MOA built into the base, and has a 500-yard zero on it.  At 100 yards, it will shoot 2.5 mils high.  At 850 yards, it has 3.2 mils of drop, at 1000 yards it's 4.8 mils drop, and 1200 yards is 7.2 mils drop.

I fired the Nexus 220-grain and 190-grain ammunition.  As expected, the 220-grain compared almost identically to my 225-grain handloads.  Comparable group sizes at 500 yards (zero distance), with groups hovering at the 4-inch mark.  I didn't test the 190-grain ammo at 500 yards, because I didn't want to waste it.  I still have some of it to run an accuracy test at 100 yards, even though the groups will be higher on the target - I'm looking for group size only. 

1000 yards - the Nexus 220-grain was very, very similar in dialing elevation, and making hits in steel, as my handloads.  Identical performance at 1200 yards.   Firing the 190-grain ammo was a little different, and I completely expected it to be.  At 1000 yards, the 190-gr loads had another 2.0 mils of drop, but definitely made it to the target repeatably, every time.  That wasn't surprising - and it's not a bad thing at all, not in the least - but we're talking about my 225s, Nexus 220s, and then dropping projectile weight down another 35 and 30 grains, going to the 190s.  Excellent performance with both loads.   I'd prefer the 220s over the 190s, for my distances, just for the "less drop at distance" factor.  

I can't even fully explain the power of these loads, and what they do to an ISPC steel plate that 3/8" thick, 18" wide, and 32" tall - when those 225s and 220s hit that steel, at both 1000 and 1200 yards - those plates were SWINGING!   Not just "wiggle a little" - those rounds were seriously moving that plate back, and it would swing hard several times until it settled down.  Had to wait for them to stop swinging, just to make another shot.  It was impressive.

Both Eric ( @Cunuckgaucho ) and Mike ( @blue109) fired the 220 and 190 grain ammo, making hits out there on the steel.  It was very cool.  :thumbup::hail:






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2 hours ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

That was very generous of them.  It makes me more sad that I couldn't make it.  And great for @JBMatt to make that connection.

It's pretty crazy to ponder, at least rattling around inside my own brainpan.  I think it's more than an ammo test, or a gathering of ballistic performance results - I think this is something like a small partnership with them, for testing different ammunition over a longer term...   Nexus and .308AR.com...   :thumbup:

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1 hour ago, 98Z5V said:

It's pretty crazy to ponder, at least rattling around inside my own brainpan.  I think it's more than an ammo test, or a gathering of ballistic performance results - I think this is something like a small partnership with them, for testing different ammunition over a longer term...   Nexus and .308AR.com...   :thumbup:

I would think that JBMatt informed them of the testing that was done and reported by many of you fine individuals for the lube.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Very successful day today with the NEXUS ammo - I ran .308 Win 168gr Match, .223 Rem 77gr Match (to 850 yards), and .260 Rem 139gr Lapua Scenar Match. I'll get a good report up tomorrow, but I'm smoked tonight.  Ran that damn .224 Valkyrie again today, too, with some 75gr Federal.  It works, but I don't like 75gr for that gun.  On the 88gr Hornady Match, I'm 8.1 mils at 850 yards.  On this stuff, I'm 10.0 mils at 850 yards.  It's only slightly better than just running a 5.56 gun to 850 yards with my 75gr Hornady HPBT handloads.   8.9 to 14.3 mph varying direct crosswind today.  That sucked. The only thing that would have made it better was if the winds were even higher...  "This SUCKS!!!   I just wish it would SUCK MORE!!!..."   :laffs:  Winds from the south, shooting due west - full value wind from left to right.  I had to hold 5 3/4 mils of wind to get the 5.56 stuff on steel.  Fuk me.

Oh, did I mention that I was running a 5.56 gun to 850 yards today?...   I know some people think that can't be done, but it definitely can...   :thumbup: The Mk12 Mod 1 is a fuckin' BEAST!

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10 hours ago, MikedaddyH said:

Not liking the 75gr 224V.

Going to try 80gr ELD for reloads.

Just go to the 88gr ELD-Ms, brother.  Those little fuckers are gettin' it done.  I was impressed. 

19 hours ago, blue109 said:


Yeah, it fuckin' sucked, that's a massive wind hold for a 5.56 round at that distance...   I'd nail it, then the gust "wouldn't gust" and I'd miss the next one.  Or connect with two - third one off.  FML. 

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