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45 ACP 1911 Parts

Cliff R

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Box of misc spare parts for Govt model 1911 pistols.  These parts are left over from the 1980's when I used to build these pistols and shoot Bullseye.

Includes a jig to "work" your seer and hammer for improved function.  There is also at least one adjustable Match trigger in there.  Most of the parts will clean up fine, they have been sealed in this ammo can coming up on 35 years now and starting to show it.

Too many parts to list, what you see is what you get.  $50 shipped.

I can do Pay Pal, Visa, MC or Discover.  PM if interested....tks...




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I bought these parts and wanted to thank Cliff out loud,  so to speak.  There are many smaller parts that are hard to pick up by the eye from this picture.  Here's my plan.  I always like to explain in as few words as necessary,  as do most of us,  cough',  ahem',  not really.  So a short story made long is more likely to happen,  and it does so here.  My development's club house is going to be updated.  The Mrs. and her friends are now going to play in my house this coming Wednesday.  Most of you guys know this part of the story anyhow.  I now have 53 projects to make my house acceptable to our new guests.  Move the dead plant and pile of dirt from the backyard,  etc.  I have a 1000 piece puzzle on a table that we visit and try to put together and spend a couple of minutes there each day.  GONE!!!  That's the new spot for the Mah Jongg mafia.  A bunch of other demands will be equally ignored at my peril.  I have a new puzzle and Cliff sold it to me.  There are so many thigamajigs in this bag I'm calling it a puzzle.  A wonderful oily smelling,  and greasy bag of fun.  Some of these parts are unknown to me,  but I will find out what they are and when they were made.  I can carry them in a small container and get out of the house with them and my dirty little fat boy Jack Russell for a few hours while the mafia does their thing.  How's that for a run-on sentence ?


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oooohhh hadn't noticed that @98Z5V ,  much as I didn't notice the triple 6 on my Anderson receiver I bought on sale.  Well I didn't notice until I heard the strange snickering from the LGS gun stackers.  Another laugh at my expense,  dang.  @Sisco  I already have been looking into that proposition.  It would be much akin to buying a rifle because we have a box of ammo in that caliber.  Although I'm sure the sophisticated folks round here never entertained that idea.  Hmm.  @Sharpshooter Run is an optimum choice in this case.  This mafia is the real deal.  It's stacked with senior consiglieri's,  60, 70,  and 80 year old poker faced wise gals.  They can spot a fleck of dust at sixty yards,  or an askew picture from two rooms away.  It's a tough crowd.  @Radioactive You never know.  No reason to take any unnecessary chances.


Has anyone read " Stone Soup"?  It's a story of two soldiers walking home from a far away distance.  It's a children's book but has a valuable lesson for adult folks also.  The soldiers come upon a village and decide to take a chance on entering the place.  They ask to be fed, but receive the cold shoulder.  No one has anything to offer says the village.  We're as poor as you.  That's when  one of the soldiers has an idea and places two stones in a pot over the fire.  I imagine,  it's been a while since reading the book and I hope to do it justice.  He begins to stir the pot and cook his imaginary soup.  Of course the villagers are watching every move they make.  Finally one villager relents and offers a carrot,  which is graciously accepted.  Then another has some cabbage to add.  Before long their a terrific soup simmering and the village is filled with a hustle and bustle.  Smiling faces appear and soothing aromas.  Strangers become friends and teamwork produces wonderful results.  


"1911 Soup".   Forty nine parts make up the 1911.  There was a bag of beautifully preserved,  although dirty parts,  lying in a bag for 35 years...🙂

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