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Everything posted by Sharpshooter

  1. Sharpshooter


    Welcome from Arkansas
  2. Welcome to the asylum, RacerX. Fortunately, the inmates run this one, as you've probably gathered by now. Oh, yeah, welcome from Arkansas. 🤪
  3. Welcome from Arkansas. You'll enjoy this rifle.
  4. Welcome from Arkansas. Used to be Southern Illinois, but you do what you gotta do.
  5. I hate it, but it's true! I"m keeping poop that I used to burn. 🥵
  6. Thanks for this. As an owner of a GII, I appreciate it.
  7. "If I was there, I would have done it like pulling my kid's loose teeth when he was little. Apply my pliers to the end of the damn dead thing, and state, "We're gonna do this on THREE. Ready? One..." " I see you're another adherent to the "expect me to count to three" group. I applaud you, brother! I've always figured there might come a day when some center of uranus had a pistol to my wife's head and I would give him that same timetable, with that same timing on the trigger. No, it hasn't happened yet. And I hope it never happens. But if some sick fuk has read about it here, bear in mind that my "One ..." starts around "I'm going to count ..."
  8. It was almost 60 years ago that I signed up. There was a lot of crap that I didn't think I'd signed up for, but a lot of other people who'd signed up with me that I wanted to support. I can't imagine it's really all that different now. So, to you who served: Thank you for your service! To you who are currently serving: Hoo-Yah and thank you for your service!
  9. Sharpshooter


    Umm ... yeah! It sure as hell ain't about the benjamins!
  10. Crap, been tied up with other (not fun) stuff. Welcome, and sorry for the delay!
  11. Yeah, blades aren't my go-to source. Other stuff seems to work out OK. If I was a professional dealing with their tools I'd probably go elsewhere. But since I only do sh*t once in a while, it seems to work out OK.
  12. That's a sweet looking pocket pistol. I especially like the bobbed hammer. I did that to one I had some years ago. I put a couple of grooves on the top of the hammer to help me pull it back into single action mode. Never needed it, but it was there.
  13. I'm sorry, but Pantera? That was a great car back in the 80's! I think. 🤪
  14. i love your Enterprise model! If only!
  15. And you haven't bought it yet? WTF! What's the problem?
  16. Well, we know who will win the ""Best Dressed" award!
  17. You been peeking in my bedroom window again?
  18. You and me both, brother! I missed the "reality" window by about a day. Seriously, ordered dies and powder and projectiles, pondered which primers to get, went to bed, and woke up to insane prices!
  19. I used to have an account on PayPal, but they decided I was hinky(wtf?) so they wouldn't allow people to buy my produds (I'm a book publisher) . So fukkem.
  20. Yeah, but savages can be right, can't they?
  21. I'm one of the nicest, sweetest, easiest going people on this board (all right, you can put your barf bags away now), but you don't come on here as a newguy and start telling people how wrong/stupid they are without getting a teeny tiny bit of pushback. Do please feel free to take your marbles and run away home to those who think you know what the fuk you're talking about.
  22. What? Isn't that the way you ride a motorcycle?
  23. I hear that, brother!
  24. What, laughing? If not, he should have. I don't mean this in a hurtful way, I just mean he made me laugh in so many different ways.
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