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Palmeto State Armory

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Due to the "pandemic" PSA is not answering their phones so there is ZERO customer support.

The message says to contact them via email and they will get back to you.

I recently purchased a complete upper from them and it has MAJOR issues.  That doesn't bother me, everyone from time to time will have problems with something that's man-made. 

The problem I have is that after a week of daily emails to them there is no response.  I left my email address, home phone, and cell phone, nothing.

I'm sure they will eventually get back to me and I'll get this thing shipped back to them for repair or replacement.  Just wanted folks to know that if you are buying anything from them and have issues the customer support at this time seems non-existent.  I get it and understand social distancing and all that chit, and how it has effected small businesses, hoarding of guns and ammo, causing sharp rises in sales and having to do more with less, etc, etc.

It still doesn't account for pushing more stuff out the door and forgetting about helping out the folks you are selling stuff to if/when they have issues with it. 

Damned good thing that this AR build wasn't my first one and I was counting on it for home defense.  You get ONE round off, then it's hopelessly jammed up becoming a better club than anything else!.......FWIW......



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There was a rep from PSA on the forum for a little while.  His name was Josiah, IIRC.  I think he is still on arfcom.  If you have an account there, you might see if he can help you.


He left when they realized that we knew their PA10 was a POS most of the time and that they were not going to fix it.

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I've thought about doing just that but so busy with other things I don't have time to mess with it.  I'm almost certain it's a gas issue of some sort. 

So far I've tried different ammo and half a dozen different magazines with zero improvement.  To double check those things I put them right into another AR we had out and it ran flawlessly with them.

I also swapped buffers and springs from the gun that would run to the one that wouldn't and the problem stayed with the one that wouldn't run.  Also did a visual on gas tube protrusion and it looks good, so left now with tearing it down to check the gas block to see if there is a restriction or something going on there.

The problem with doing major surgery is that it gives them an "out" if I try to fix it and it's some sort of fundamental issue with the parts.  I'd rather just ship it back and have deal with it.

If I can get back up to our range before PSA responds I'm going to swap out the bolt and the lower just to see if there is something going on there?.......

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18 hours ago, Cliff R said:


PSA called yesterday and sent a return authorization for the upper.  It's shipping out today for repair or replacement.

They pay for everything under their "lifetime" warranty.......

We'll see how that goes.  They'll tell you they test-fired your upper and found zero issues, and send it back. 

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That would suck.  I took the same ammo and magazines that would NOT run in that upper and plugged them into another new build we took along and it was flawless, so something is NOT right with that one. 

About the only thing we didn't do was swap out the BCG, but I did transfer the buffer and spring from one to the other and it didn't help at all......

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Just got this note from PSA:

The following repairs were completed on your Palmetto State Armory product:

Customer's gas block was canted. Adjusted gas block and shot 60rnds without issue through upper. If problem persist please have customer send in complete firearm

Guess it was a gas issue as suspected.  I'll see if it will run when it shows back up here.........

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No, pinned it in place and went to the range.  I hesitate to mess with brand new things as companies are just looking for reasons to not honor their warranty.  I suspected under-gassed as it literally jammed every single round like it had none. 

Probably could have saved myself the effort of boxing it up and sticking a label on it just to have them do a pretty simple fix........

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Update.  Ran the new PSA upper today and it was flawless. 

Tried several different magazines and some M-855 and it gobbled it all up w/o issue.

Have to say that PSA did a fine job and very quick turn-around once they finally got back to work and made contact with me about the issues.  They kept me updated via emails thru the entire process, never cost me one cent, and gave a detailed explanation of the problem and that they ran 60 rounds thru it after the repairs w/o issue.....

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The repair order stated that the gas block was "canted". 

I would imagine it just wasn't lined up with the hole in the barrel for some reason as it looked pretty straight and I don't remember a lot of "wiggle room" with the hand guard in place.

One thing is for sure it didn't have any gas as delivered the first time, and now it does.......

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