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GEN2 PA-10 Build Update


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Not shooting as much these days so I thought I'd surf the forums for more information or interesting reads. I read a few threads so I thought I'd post an update on my Gen 2 PA-10.  Advice I received on this forum helped me get it running correctly.  I purchased the SS 18" Mid-length Gen 2 Upper and a fixed stock lower separately a few years back when prices were great and cheap comparatively. Without any research and a good check, I let both parts sit without firing. Other builds were going on, so for a while I lost interest. Had I done my research and known of this forum, I would have started with another platform. But, I got a deal and thought I'd try to fix the known issues and make a reliable rifle.  While doing research earlier last year I noticed PSA had a really good sale on their Gen 2 Lower (adjustable stock with Magpul furniture), so I made an impulse purchase (not smart). My thoughts at the time were to save the fixed stock lower and buy a 20" upper for it down the road. Here is what happened when I went to assemble it. I've also described the parts I installed to get the rifle to work, as well I what I did to customize it within my budget


Incorrect bolt catch: I found the bolt wouldn't lock back when installed on the adjustable stock/carbine lower, but it would when installed on the fixed stock lower. Closer inspection found PSA had installed the wrong bolt catch in the adjustable lower. After two tries they finally sent me the correct bolt catch and after installing it worked as it should. I have more details and comparison photos in my older posts if anyone else has had the same issue. 

Incorrect Buffer and Buffer Spring: 98Z5V helped a lot here and I found that both parts were completely incorrect.  The internal depth of the buffer tube was acceptable, so I replaced the buffer and buffer spring with an Odin Works adjustable buffer and a Tubbs Flatwire spring. Had I known before purchasing the aforementioned parts I would have gone with the Armalite system instead. I have not had any issues at all with the Odin Works adjustable buffer or the Tubbs spring, but it was an expense I could have avoided and they aren't necessary.  The Odin Works adjustable buffer works, and seems of great quality, I just don't think I needed it.  

Trigger: The adjustable stock "Magpul" lower came with PSA's "EPT" trigger, and its not a bad trigger, but I wanted something better so I installed a Larue MBT flat bow trigger.  So far I really like it and would buy another one. 

Mag Release: there was nothing wrong with the original mag release, it worked as it should.  I installed a FDE Odin Works mag release merely as an aesthetic accessory. 


Incorrect Gas Tube: in my original post where I uploaded pictures of the upper, 98Z5V and others informed me that the gas tube installed by PSA was incorrect and too short.  I ordered the recommended Armalite gas tube and corrected the issue.

Adjustable Gas Block: this is a part that I didn't need, but that's what happens when you find stuff on sale. Knowing what I know now I would re-drill the gas port to the correct diameter as recommended by 98Z5V. I installed an Odin Works adjustable gas block and it works as it should.  Quality is very good and I like the part; it adjusts easily and hasn't failed or given me any problems after getting it installed and tuned.  

Bolt Damaged: This is why you should closely inspect items as soon as you purchase them.  I knew better, but for some reason upon receiving the upper I gave it a quick glance and set it to the side.  I totally missed two lugs on the bolt having a little damage.  I'm not sure what caused it, but it came from PSA that way.  Even though quite some time had passed PSA made good and sent me a brand new bolt carrier group. Other than sitting on hold for a little while and emailing pictures of the bolt, the replacement was pretty painless.  

Handguard: When I first got the upper it had the incorrect gas tube in it, and the tube contacted the barrel nut. Once I installed the correct Armalite gas tube, it no longer contacted the barrel nut.  

Handguard Finish: I wasn't real pleased with the finish on the handguard from the factory. It had almost a slight purple tint to it, like a bad anodizing or something. I had it Cerakoted in Magpul FDE to match the other furniture.  

Optic and Mount: as of right now I have budget items on there.  The scope is a Bushnell Trophy Extreme 2.5-15 and the mount is a UTG AccuSync. I've had no issues to date, but these are going to be replaced with a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x and Vortex Viper Red Dot in a 45-degree mount here shortly.  

Sling: the sling is a Blue Force gear with Magpul swivels, nothing fancy.

Overall I enjoyed tinkering with it to get it to run and it runs reliably for me so far. It is accurate for what it is (a budget gun if there is such a thing). Once again, if I had to do it again, I would choose another brand, but if you find one for a great deal that someone is tired of messing with there is plenty of information on this forum to help you get it running reliably.  I haven't done any torture testing and I'm not going to, but so far it shoots and I haven't had any malfunctions.   



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Good to hear, thought it might help somebody if they're working on one. I still have the fixed stock lower PA-10. I'm looking for a 20" Gen 2 upper. Lost an auction at the last minute today. These crazy times are hindering my cheap gun builds. LOL. 

I'll update this as I go. The pictures don't show the Magpul bipod and Larue trigger. I'm going to replace the current scope with a Vortex 1-8 and a Viper red dot on a 45 degree mount. 

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On 1/14/2021 at 9:38 AM, DNP said:

Good looking rifle and sounds like the bugs are worked out. I’m happy to hear PSA made good on the BCG. While they have plenty of issues on their 308’s, I’d like to believe they can still be a reputable company. 

or maybe it is the time to build?? ain't this the absolue shiites, and yeah, I've  been thinking about 30-06 Mauser's for the AR's, nice ones, but I jus don't think I can give "Miss Wilson" and the "Dirty Little .30" up?? my 37 coil Wilson Flat Ware Sprang cam in today...oh and a few more lancers and a couple of Bolt springs... now that the shiites has hit the fan...

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