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Need brand and vendor recommendation for a quality BCG


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Yeesh, I just signed up here and already I feel like I have used up the n00b points. 

I am looking for a high-quality, no-BS brand of 308 BCG for 2 LR-308/DPMS "High" builds.  I'd really like to score a couple Nib-X but, would settle for Nitrided or some other highly corrosion-resistant finish.  Brands that in April 2021, people who have been around this block would not bat an eye to recommend buying 2 of and being 100% confident I would get 2 good ones.

The other thing I really need a recommendation on is a vendor.   Who would you recommend above the others out there to place an appropriate level of care/attention to packing the box properly -- not just throwing a high-end expensive BCG into a box with a few air pillows or a crumple of paper (and MAYBE a hail mary muttered if I'm lucky) that it gets here intact?

(I know "DPMS high profile" has nothing to do with the BCG, just trying to further distinguish that I am not looking for an AR10 BCG, but rather for 2 for *DPMS/LR-308* builds)

I don't want to bad mouth anyone so I won't.  But let's just say I have not had good luck buying BCG's the last few weeks.  I already have a green light to return one that has a very chewed up firing pin and a nasty burr under the gas key right out of the package that, on general principle, means it will NEVER see the inside of my brand new upper or BAD charging handle -- and the other place has a 30 day return policy I am still inside of.  I haven't even opened the stapled-shut package on that one yet, but the firing pin on that BCG is stuck protruding from its bolt face, still inside the package, and I can't get it to tap loose.  So my gut is telling me after what I saw disassembling the bolt on the first one "EJECT! EJECT! EJECT!" -- I am probably going to be best off if I don't open that package rather than take a chance...

Thanks for any and all recommendations.  Also please feel free to poke fun at me and so forth.  I'm pretty used to it...

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ToolCraft.  Brownells house-brand is ToolCraft as well.  Aero Precision used to be ToolCraft, but they've switched up their supplier, it's no longer ToolCraft - but the BCGs are still just as good.  It'll take digging, but I'll find out who the new ones are coming from, for Aero.

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