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Mag compatability


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Hello guys. Living in California, I am giving some strong consideration to a featureless build. This is because I have a whole bunch of large cap rifle mags I bought up from mail order and local (to where I lived at the time) "rednecks". which include M-16 mags as well as various pistol and rifle mags. Among them are a bunch of 20 round .308 mags and I am pretty sure some of them are AR-10 mags.

TBH, I am a magpul fan and the pile of mags looks pretty run down and even rusty. So I am thinking about rebuilding them with magpul kits. Does anyone know if there's any comparability between the parts? Even if just the springs and nothing else?


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Magpul makes a 20 round .308 magazine. California law allows people with high-cap mags to replace parts. Technically, you can replace every part of the magazine, but it can't legally be done all at once. Stupid as it sounds, you can take the spring out of your AR-15 mag and install it in a p-mag body with all other pmag parts, and then replace even the spring the next day. BUT, you can't throw away the AR-15 mag and replace it with a p-mag. The end results are exactly the same, but the means of achieving them require a specific protocol if you want to be acting within the law.

I prefer to actually follow protocol, even IF I can get away with just buying a rebuild kit and throwing out the old mag. The main reason is because following protocol at least proves parts comparability and leaves you with nothing at all to hide. In other words, it's making sure of things.

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A "California" rebuild kit is nothing more then a disassembled magazine. Sacramento Black rifle for instance carries them. On the shelf, they're a complete high-cap magazine. When you buy them, the store employee disassembles it before handing it to you.

Ultimately, you are just replacing an old high-cap with a new one, but there's a legal catch to it. At least one part of the two mags has to be interchangeable. The real question is whether or not there's anything in an AR-10 mag that will fit and work in a .308 P-mag, even if not very well. Technically, you are suppose to replace it in at least two stages. Meaning, the parts must actually be mixed before fully replaced. It's the same thing as if you put BMW tires on a Mercedes today and and replaced the BMW tires with Mercedes tires tomorrow so you could say that you rebuilt a BMW with Mercedes parts rather then "replaced" it.

Likewise, what I am asking (in magazine terms) is whether or not the BMW and Mercedes tires are interchangeable.

No need to preach to me how stupid this is. You can take it up with the California state government.

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MaDuce, I can check the interchange of the parts on a LR Pmag and a stock DPMS mag for you - I can accomplish that.  I don't have any AR-10 mags to check against.  Honestly, if you want to send me an AR-10 mag, I'll see what I can do to get some LR Pmag parts into it.  I'll send the AR-10 mag right back to you.  <thumbsup>

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I don't know much about Armilite mags other than as mentioned they are a M14 type ,but I have photo's of the Pmag ,CProducts & DPMS mags disassembled & others . They are all a little different , except for the 308 Pmag , its got a very long spring, not sure if anything but the spring can be inter changed , except the Pmag, nothing will fit the others .I'll see if I can post them again.

Left to right ,Mag Tec 20rd. 308 , CProd, 20rd 308 , DPMS 19rd. 308 & Pmag 20 rd. 308



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^^^  I concur, on the Pmag spring.  <thumbsup>  I took apart a DPMS 19-rounder and a Pmag last night, for pics.  That Pmag spring isn't going to function very well in the stock DPMS mag body.  Also, the Pmag follower WILL require some surgery if you need to fit it into the DPMS mag body.  I'll work on the pics, with notes in them, and try to get them up here tonight.  There's a couple ribs along the sides of the Pmag follower that would need to be removed , to stuff it into the DPMS mag body, and the anti-tilt legs on the Pmag follower will certainly drop the DPMS 19-round capacity by 1 or 2 rounds.

I'm pretty sure the same things would need to be done to fit the Pmag internals into Armalite mags - very similar, at least.

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