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Faxon 6.5cm heavy fluted barrel


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I have a couple Faxon barrels, 2 Grendels, a 6 ARC and a .308 barrel.  Faxon makes a great barrel, every bit as good as the BA barrels.  There's one series of BA barrel that I'd put up against anything from a custom barrel maker, but all the others they make - I'd rank the Faxon barrels right there with them.

Full disclosure:  I'll go with BA first, everytime.  I turn to Faxon when I can't find a particular BA barrel in the profile I want - and Faxon makes the profile I want.  No hesitations.

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18 hours ago, Nja112189 said:

Thanks. Any reason to go 20" over 18"?

Depends on what you want to do, the 6.5 does respond well to a little more barrel velocity wise,,, but as you have likely determined those longer barrels get heavy, I don't have a 6.5 yet, but my 308 is very happy with the 18" barrel, and if you are going with a heavy profile, and want a handy rifle, 18" would be much lighter and handier IMHO?? for what its worth...

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