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White label armory gtg or fubar

Echo 66

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Just curious if anyone in this forum have used a white label armory /wla bcg for there lr308? If so what issues if any did you have? What did you do about those issues? I am asking because I have one. And either the machine process was off a bit ,or the tension on the extractor claw is too great. You have to force the rounds to get them to seat properly, shaving material off the rim of the cartridge. I tried to remedy this by removing o rings one at a time. Which caused total failure to extract.

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You cannot see from the pic but there is 2 springs in the extractor claw, one inside the other. Something else really weird this bcg was doing was punching a whole in the primer. The piece of the primer would end up underneath the extractor causing total failure to Extract. Then I would have to get the new round back into the mag, and stick my cleaning rods down the barrel.

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6 minutes ago, 98Z5V said:

Never heard of these guys before this post.  Ever. 


I think calling them on the phone, as directly asking them where their parts come from, is the best bet. 

Call us at 1-847-847-4311

They're a division of DRG Mfg. I think there was another thread where you stated DRG wouldn't listen to feedback. However, it may have been another business you were referring to. Memory for names isn't good.

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You are right about their patent company Jim. I've tried multiple times to email, I have not called or received a response. I had other issues with the rifle but was able to go back through this forum and isolate and fix them. This bolt was the last one. If it was just the extractor I would have done the research to find a compatible one to fit. Being it was punching holes through the primers of several different kinds of ammo, I went ahead and bought a AP QOQ BCG. Gun runs like a flipping top now!!! But still wondering of it's worth fixing the other bolt or building a true ar10

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On 3/11/2022 at 12:09 AM, shooterrex said:

How about a pic of the bolt face.

What ammo are you using.

Has the headspace been checked?

Hornady 168, federal and Winchester. From 149gr up to 180. Low grade to high grade. I bought it all and had the same issues. I bought the upper complete from pro2a tactical. I ASSumed they had head spaced everything. Sent emails asking, no response. I'll get pics of the bolt face shortly. 



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Sorry for any delay in response. I'm a commercial fisherman. So when I go to work I am out of cell range for days. But here is pics of bolt face. I posted a pic with she'll casing lodged into it. I cannot see what can be told from the face of the bolt without precise measurements being made. HAS ANYONE DEALT WITH OR KNOWN ANYONE WHO HAS A " DRG OR WHITE LABEL ARMORY 308,450BM,9X39,556,762X39 ETC,ETC,ETC BCG? IF SO, WHAT ISSUES IF ANY HAVE YOU HAD? WHAT CORRECTIVE REMEDY DID YOU TAKE FOR SAID ISSUE????  I do not need my rifle dissected. I've corrected my issue. I did my research before hand. I received a fouled bolt. I do not want to pay 25% restocking fee to send it back. I'm looking for a solution to this bolt. Is it an Armalite bolt? Anyone have dimensions? Someone stated the firing pin was for an ar10. What's the difference in them. 

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