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Homemade ejector removal tool


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While building my LR 308 I kept reading about headspace checking which was new to me so I researched it ad nauseum and decided it was worth the effort.

 I have only built one AR 15 (80%er) six years ago and decided to build a 308 for something to do in retirement. It’s a P80 80%.

Since this will probably be my one and only 308 build (a budget one at that), I couldn’t see spending $50+ on a ejector removal tool for a one time headspace check. It’s a simplistic tool that looked homemade doable.

Two pieces of scrap wood, a cut down 7.62 case and a vise did the trick. It takes a little bit of finagling to hold the bolt in place while tightening the vise but it worked well.

 I rented the headspace gauges from Reamer Rentals. $27 to rent is better than $70 to buy since it’s a one time use.



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On 3/23/2022 at 6:44 AM, Harveyshot said:

Never tried a .45 but if you’re working on a .308 bolt you likely have a .308 case lying around somewhere.

Same base diameter on both.  Don't have to cut the .45 ACP down at all, though.

On 3/23/2022 at 3:00 PM, shooterrex said:

45acp and 308 use the same shell holder in the reloading press.

We put a 45case over the tail of my bolts and used another to hold the ejector in in a vise to change out ejectors.

Worked like a champ, too.   :thumbup:

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