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Anything Off-Topic? . . . Christmas Cookies


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This is written on Christmas Morning.  Maybe it is a little gift to everyone. 

One of the last Christmases that my wife was still able to do things,  she made cookies for me to take to work and hand out.  The recipe is on the back of the Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips bag & on-line.  My sweet bride used double amounts of chocolate chips and double amounts of nuts.  The rest of the recipe is as published.  She made a double recipe for this handout and I was concerned that I might not find enough takers so when I arrived at the workplace I began giving cookies to whoever would take one or maybe two.  Of course there were a lot of "No's" and a mostly a reluctant "just one."  At my work station I managed to hand out the rest before regular starting time.  All that day and for more than a week after,  there was a slow trickle of people wandering by,  hopeful that there were more cookies.  It made my reputation-  and hers-  for as long after as I worked at that facility.

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Chocolate chip cookies are my Waterloo, can't turn them down. That's a wonderful memory! I created one yesterday I'll remember for a long time. An old friend of mine who is now retired from the gunsmithing business lost his 92 year old mom who he took care of some time back, and since he closed the shop friends got kind of scarce. My wife bakes banana bread and pumpkin bread for the holidays so I took some out to him since he has no family. I was just going to drop it off, but he actually started crying when I gave him the bread, and I ended up staying and visiting with him for 3 hours! I had a great time just sitting and chatting with him!

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Here's a Carib eggnog we serve here on the holidays:you will need-2 quart container/screw top,1 can coco loco,1 can sweeten condensed milk,1 can evaporated milk,pure vanilla extract,ground cinnamon,Bacardi and blender.In blender put coco loco,sweeten condensed milk,evaporated milk.Run blender till smooth a few minutes,add vanilla extract [one tablespoon....to taste],then cinnamon[teaspoon...to taste] blend a little make smooth.Pour into 2 qt. cont. add rum...more is good,drop a couple of ice cubes in add water 4 in.from top[allows for adjustment rum or water to cut sweet alittle]  shake pour on ice and chill out.From Gonzalez family <thumbsup>

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My wife's Mom died a couple of years after we married.  Her Dad got remarried a few years later.

His wife has always been into holiday baking, so they are now having an annual Christmas Cookie Bake Day.  Shortbread cookies with heavily dyed butter creme frosting.  I'd post a picture but they don't last long.

We didn't do it this year but my family (since I was a kid) has a tradition of croissants served hot, with coffee or cocoa, with butter and orange marmalade (the sweet kind) for the bread.  No fuss, no muss.


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