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AAC 230gr 45ACP JHP 50¢/rd

Armed Eye Doc

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So, I think I need to mention something, for long-time gun guys - and even for new people that do their research.

AAC.  For the longest time it was Advanced Armament Corporation.  Suppressors, like the 762 SDN-6 (legendary), their brakes, attachments for suppressors - fuks sake, the Honey Badger was an AAC gun.

They're gone now.  Forever.  Remington bought AAC, and when that happened, they fucked Kevin Brittingham over bad.  He was the Main Brain at AAC.  Fucked over hard.  There are articles on it.  Well, Vista Outdoors bought Remington - and everything went to shiit. 

7 different companies bought up everything that was, with that giant conglomerate, when it went down. 

PSA bought up a shiitload of it.  Well, JJE Capitol Holdings (PSA's corporate entity) bought up a bunch.  Many articles out there on it.

In short, they got AAC, too - Advanced Armament Corporation - the suppressors.  Since they got the company, they got the logo, as well.

"AAC" now is "America's Ammunition Company..."  That's all PSA ammunition.  However, PSA is branding it with the old Advanced Armament Corporation logo - hey, they own it, right?...   :popcorn:

Good way to make people think they're getting ammo from Advanced Armament Corporation - an absolutely Top Tier company.  But, whatever.

Keep that in mind when you're looking at this ammo.  It's branded like it's coming from a Top Tier company - banking on what people KNEW back then.  It's manufactured by a budget company, trying to get product out to people at the lowest possible cost.  Budget customers, bring budget-customer problems. 

At any rate, I wanted to get that out.  I don't know how the ammo does, how it performs.  I won't try it, either, that's just me.  I know for a fact that PSA can't get a functional .308 AR out the door, with 100% reliability.  I've been wanting to say something about this since this thread first started, and just didn't put the time into it.  Tonight, I dug out an article that's over a year old, just to dicument what I'm saying.  It's right here:


So, if the ammo is good - report back on it.  If it sucks - report that, too.  It's coming from PSA, so I don't expect much out of it, but to "go bang."

My $0.02 on "America's Ammunition Company" branded with the old "Advanced Armament Corporation" logo...  


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On 9/19/2022 at 7:57 PM, Armed Eye Doc said:

This is actually Ammo inc 45ACP.


8 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

So, I think I need to mention something, for long-time gun guys - and even for new people that do their research.


I had made a mistake when I made the thread and titled it as AAC. But it is from Ammo Inc.  I have shot a good amount of it and it is good as range ammo.  I would not use it as carry ammo.  

Thanks for the heads up about the history of AAC. :hail:  I have not bought any AAC ammo and will likely not get any unless they can prove reliability.

Cabelas did a similar thing by buying the Herters name and making ammo to sell based off Herters reputation as an outdoor supply company from the 60s.

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