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Darn varmints

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Damned good eatin right there!  

Haven't had turtle soup since I was a kid.  We used to catch a lot of those in small streams in these parts.  Dad would take them home and fatten em up some with corn in a big barrel.  We caught a really big one about 25 pounds that would take chunks out of a shovel handle when we poked it at him.  Better than getting hold of your fingers!  Just about every year a few females come out of the swamp across the road to lay their eggs on my property.  I take them back across the road in the side-by-side so they will live to make the journey again next year......




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Haven't had homemade turtle soup since I was a kid (40+ years ago). We'd catch them sometimes on jugs or trot lines, which we put out for catfish.  My recollection is my uncle boiling them for hours outside, repeatedly changing the water.  I'd need to consult a youtube video for guidance as to how to dress and clean one at this point.

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For sure there will be a Youtube "hero" on there someplace with a good recipe for snapping turtle soup.  Hopefully the wind woln't be blowing in the microphone, the fat lady next door is yelling at her kids in the background, loud diesel trucks "coaling" folks on the main road in front of his house.......and you don't have to listen to everything the guy did before he reached puberty BEFORE you get the soup recipe....LOL.

I remember dad cleaning them and boiling the meat till it was tender, of course he put onions, celery, carrots, potatoes and a handful of salt/black pepper and two about two tablespoons of flour in it like just about all the other wild game we cooked up back then.........  


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Our opening day was last Saturday. The neighbors have taken several nice bucks on the adjoining farms. I just want meat for the freezer. This was the biggest of the 4 that were in the hay field. I'll probably shoot one more and have it made into brats and summer sausage. 

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