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Howdy from Texas. ArmaLite may be in my future But....


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Hi, new to the AR format.  I have decided that I want a AR style .308 for hogs and tactical shooting.  I have been researching brands and models and have decided that an Armalite A10A4 carbine will work for me.  I even actually found one at a local shop NIB at a reasonable price.  The problem is the gun has a 18 in. barrel, and is called a carbine, but I cannot find a 18" carbine on ArmaLites website.  I assume that it has the mid-length gas system  (Maybe all their carbines are set-up this way?).  I believe the gun also has a national match trigger so if I went by ArmaLites other model designations this should be denoted as a 10A4CNF except for the barrel length.  The store selling the gun doesn't seem to be able to give me any more on the model number than A10A4, so I cant tell any more about it.  Any ideas from site members would be helpful, as well as input on Armalite in general.

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I'm not sure the barrel was measured correctly.  I called ArmaLite today with the serial number, and they searched it for me.  I found out the build specs. on this gun, which stated the gun left the factory with a 16in barrel and the tactical trigger,not the NM as the dealer had stated.  I'm thinking that the dealer may not be that knowledgable about this gun.  It comes NIB with all papers and accessories so I went back and picked it up.  I hated to pass this one up as rare as these are to find.  So how is the proper way to measure the barrel?

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Congrats on the purchase! Barrel length on an AR is measured without any sort of muzzle device (ie: comp, brake, FS/FH) attached. I was thinking that if the seller had measured the barrel and the FH together, it would bring the measurement out to 18 inches vice 16 inches. I tested the theory on my Armalite and barrel plus FH came out to...18 inches. I think you've got an Armalite AR10A4 CBF, which also agrees with what Armalite itself told you. Shoot and enjoy!

BTW, if you're looking for a drop-in railed forend, drop me a PM. I recently free-floated my barrel and I've still got the original Armalite forend that came with my carbine.

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LaRue would be very nice, but I'd like to ease into this, not jump in over my head price wise.  It seems to me that ArmaLite makes a very decent gun for the money.

  Welcome from the swamp(Louisiana)....I'm doing the "buy once,cry once" thing :o  My wife's the one crying!  <lmao>
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Yeah, i have the same relationship.  They cause alot of damage, but they are fun to shoot.  They have destroyed countless acres in our fields in uvalde county, and in Val Verde county they run all the deer off and tear up the feeders.  We thined them out, last time we went to the Rock Grande ranch, got 21 in all over 5 days. That was when i got "Manbearpig" as i like to call him. We got another one that was nearly identical in size, but the skull is about an inch shorter. I need to take a scale out there so i can get weights on them.

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