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Fallout 10 build- HELP!


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I'm currently going through shell-shock after i purchased a black rain fallout 10 .308 upper and lower receiver set in the norguard finish. Realizing the price, I have to build this piece by piece, but i didn't realize when i bought the receivers that parts would be so hard to come by. Currently, i've ordered the DPMS lower parts kit, buffer, tube, spring etc, charging handle, stock and grip. I feel a little lost because it looks like im S.O.L. on finding the black rain 308 SS fluted barrel, mid length quad rail, or bolt carrier group to complete my build. I'm starting to wish i would have just bought the fully assembled .223, but from what i read, the .308 is awesome. Right now it's just an awesome (and expensive) paperweight. I'm new to the 308 and trying to learn a little bit about a good build and what not to do, so any tips on where to find these parts or viable alternatives would really be appreciated. I'm looking at Troy 13" ff quadrail and a JP enterprises SS 18" barrel kit (pricey) as an alternative to the Black Rain rail and barrel. I've also ordered a Black Rain BCG that is backordered from firearms4less.com, but i'm not sure when (if ever) it'll get to my door, so i've looked toward JP industries to this as well. Is anyone else having the same problems with availability that i am? -Just wanted to make sure I'm not alone.

Also, is it a sin to put an EOtech Zombie stopper (currently installed on my 5.56/2.23) with a 3X magnifier on a .308? I've considered a leupold vxr 1.25-4X with a deltapoint mounted on top. I like the tactical look of the ar-15, but wanted a do-it-all rifle that i can deerhunt with as well as target shoot and use for home defense with more oomph than a .223. I'd also like for it to have the sleek/compact look of a typical ar15 without looking like a dedicated long range sniper rifle. Am i asking too much? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


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just a quick search shows midway has the jp barrels in stock, and rainier has select and ultramatch barrels in stock. either one would be a sub moa barrel. fulton armory has crierian barrels and bolt carriers in stock now. when i did my build recently i had to just keep constantly checking some of the good sites and jumping on the parts as soon as they become avalible, because sometimes they dont stay long. hope this helps accelerate your build

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I appreciate the help guys! keep me in mind if you see any barrels (especially stainless steel) in stock... I'll update my progress when the parts i've ordered arrive. I'm sure i'll have a few questions as far as assembly goes, as i've never assembled a lower before. I'm sure youtube has some good tutorials. Thanks again! can't wait to post a video of the first shots! (may be 4 years from now) haha

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So, after some digging, i was able to locate a CMMG 16" and 18" stainless barrel with a mid-length gas system.  http://www.cmmginc.com/product_p/38d200b.htm

Do you guys think this would be a good route? I haven't had any experience with CMMG, but the stats look to be everything i'm looking for.Still undecided on whether to go 18" or 16".. I shouldn't be doing much shooting over 200+ yards, but if i had to, i'd like to know i could be accurate.

Any thoughts?

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went with the magpul MOE + rubberized grip, but after some digging, i wonder if the contours of the part that extends up onto the gun will match the lower receiver contour. I see a lot of people going with the standard size grip without the part that extends up. I'm gonna try it out to see if it bolts up ok, maybe a little tension on the screw will make it fit a little better. If not, i'm sure i'll go with another magpul. I'm a pretty big fan of their stuff on my ar 15 and ar 15-22 (love that gun, it's a blast to shoot).

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"OUCH" -My wallet

Just a summary thus far, I went on a shopping spree this evening when I saw that firearms4less shipped my BCG, I went ahead and ordered everything (as far as i know) to complete the build. WOW, I didn't realize what I was getting into, but I wanted to make it like a bandaid. Now, hopefully, i just have to worry about getting it all put together, and not so much paying for it. Here's a summary of the parts ordered so far: (prices include shipping)

Black Rain Ordnance fallout 10 Norguard finish upper/lower $640

DPMS lower parts kit with KNS anti-roll/walk pins $105

Magpul UBR stock $246

heavy buffer.com spring and buffer $123

Black Rain Ordnance BCG $364

Black Rain Ordnance Norguard charging handle and Dust Cover $146

JP Enterprises 18" SS barrel (flash hider, low profile gas block,tube,bolt) $728

Daniel Defense 7.62 lite rail 12"- $394.95

After watching a few videos on the lr-308 online, i've seen some over/under gassing problems and some jamming problems etc. With this setup, does anyone forsee any possible reliability issues with this build? The JP barrel kit said it was headspaced to the supplied bolt and includes an adjustable gas block (two potential problems i was worried about) so hopefully that may allieviate possible problems along with the heavy buffer? I'm having some serious buyers remorse right now when i added the above totals to over 2,700.. good lord. Does anyone have 2700 i can borrow? (and by borrow i mean "have")  :D Thanks for the moral support guys...

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looking very nice! so did the moe grip fit ok? im wondering if mine had fitment issues because both were hydro dipped? Ive got the cmmg 308 lower parts kit coming should be here monday with my miad grip and ubr strike plate and butt pad. Have you installed your take down pins yet? the rear one looks like a funky way to set. not through the back of the receiver like ar15's, looks like a screw from the bottom?

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Have you installed your take down pins yet? the rear one looks like a funky way to set. not through the back of the receiver like ar15's, looks like a screw from the bottom?

On .308's the take down detent and spring are under the pistol grip. The Magpul MIAD has some fit issues due to the extra gaps in their design. The spring can fall through those gaps and the detent fails to push against the takedown pin. Some have remedied this by putting a set screw into that hole and locking the spring into place.

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That's a good company addition! You might have to cut your detent spring (I did) to fit. They aren't designed to be that compressed. I think I cut 4 or 5 rings off the bottom to lighten it. There's no exact science, just use common sense. Assemble it, push the spring in as far as you can with your finger, then cut just above the hole so that just a little bit sticks out. Press the set screw into place and screw that lil bastard in. <thumbsup>

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