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Buffer tube questions


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Hello everyone im new here and just starting my first .308 build. I have a quinten defense DPMS style 80% lower that I will be finishing this week, I have a mill, jig, and a friend to give me guidance with the machining. I just ordered a DPMS LPK and I am excited about getting started.

I think I will end up going with a PRS stock and read that I need a rifle legnth buffer tube so I ordered an AR15 milspec rifle legnth buffer tube, DPMS 308 rifle buffer spring, DPMS 308 rifle buffer, ar15 castle nut and end plate. I am on the right track with these parts?

My only other concern was if I am limiting myself to stock selections by going with the rifle legnth tube? Also am I limiting my self to an upper with a rifle legnth gas system? or will a carbine or mid work fine?

Thank you very much for any assistance and sorry for so many questions. I have two ar15's but I am somewhat new to custom builds. This sight seems awesome and I should be able to learn more here.

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The gas system has nothing to do with the buffer length. But you will be limited to only rifle stocks in the future and won't be able to mount an adjustable carbine style without changing the buffer tube (which isn't that big of a deal anyhow)

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Ok so buffer and gas system do not affect eachother.. What will the buffer legnth affect? If i put a carbine buffer tube I will have to change the spring and buffer as well correct?

Thank you

it only affects the stock itself, and the spring/buffer. end plate + castle nut are the same.

yes, you'll need both spring + buffer. Which isn't bad, it should be easy to resell the tube/spring/buffer/stock as a package if you decide to change to a carbine.

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You are correct, gas and buffer systems don't have to match.

Don't think that having a rifle length buffer system limits you. Besides the PRS and the A2, several other companies make fixed stocks; RRA Operator, Magpul MOE Fixed stock, VLTOR Fixed stock and the ACE skeleton stock.

If you want a collapsible stock, you'll need a carbine buffer system. That will require all new tube, buffer and spring.

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correct…..but…. there is a way to run a carbine buffer/spring in a rifle stock, if you aren't quite sure on a stock yet. I suggest keep it simple, stay with the rifle stock, tube, buffer, and spring. You have already ordered the right parts, so just wait and you'll be all set. There are many stock that can use that set up, my favorite for precision shooting is the PRS.

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Edge is right. If you want, you can put a carbine spacer inside a rifle length buffer tube. That will allow you to use a carbine buffer and spring.

If you are looking for collapsible, for storage reasons. LAW Tactical makes a folding stock adapter. It will work on any stock. It will also work on both the large and small format rifles.

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Thank you very much for all the input! I will stick with what I have ordered and go from there. I am unsure what I will end up with for a stock... The original plan was a PRS stock with about a 18-20" barrel with a midlegnth system. since I have two ar15 carbines with adjustable stocks I thought itd be fun to have a more long range bench rifle. But with everything going on I do not know what I will end up with for an upper and will possibly end up with a 16" carbine and and want an adjustable stock and iron sights. So I just want to keep options open till I get the rest. Seems like .308 BCG are one of the hardest parts to find!

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