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Christmas in March


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So, last week was a grinder for me. Put in about 72 hours, including driving to CT and back (up monday, back tuesday). So friday came along, and I hit a good stopping point with work at around 3-ish PM (started at 0500). So I get home just in time to intercept the big brown truck. He's got my special build upper that Armalite was selling VERY briefly. This is the one that basically has the SASS barrel (20" stainless ceramic coated but w/no adjustable gas system) that I pounced on when I saw it come up on the Armalite sight. You would have thought that I was an 8 year old opening the box to a new wagon or something.


THEN! That prompted my memory (which sucks these days by the way). I had got a call (mid-day) from Midwest PX about some lowers (ar-15) that I had bought from them about a week (again....the memory) ago or so. He had been saying something about how some dealers won't deal with some of the on-line only retailers. Now, my local gun pusher and I get along pretty good. We got a great relationship. I give him money......and he gives me cool toys to play with. Well, sometimes at least. Class 3.....he just takes my money...laughs...and I walk outta the store empty handed........yet again. So, being the modern technology kinda guy I am, I use this thing called a cell phone (maybe you've heard of them) to give my gun pusher....er ah...gun dealer a call. Why this gadget of a cell phone, you may ask, while standing in my living room? Please refer to the above-mentioned lack of memory above. Got him programmed into the magical radio phone, and don't have the number written down anywhere else (can't stress memory enough). Anyway, back on topic. So I talk to him, and he says that he's got the 2 lowers in the shop. No fuss, no muss. So I glance at the clock, see it's reading about 4:30 (1630 for the rest of you jokers), know that he's open till about 7 (1900 you yahoo's) and tell him that I'll just slide up there that evening, since I had to work all day saturday (next day if you haven't been keeping track).


So I dash to the truck and proceed to race up the B/W Parkway to where my gun pusher is located..............at about 15 MPH. Anyone that is familiar with the Washington DC area can relate to this. Hmmmm, let's do some simple math here. 1630......rush hour (that last's for about 4-5 hours around here).....DC area......over-crowded......people suck........can't drive to save thier ass......too many cars on road...you get the picture. Kinda makes me glad that I was headed to a gun shop. Maybe he would let me use one to blow my own brains out, for running out into rush hour traffic without thinking about it. Refer to memory issues that were stated earlier.


So........I arrive (F-ING finally). I stumble through the door to find that there's only a couple guys in the place. It's about time.....the place has been a madhouse every time I drop by lately, since the poop in december. Now here's where the story gets really exciting (for me at least).


C'mon....bear with me.....you've made it this far already!


So while talking with the above referenced gun pusher, he throws out a "hey, did I ever call you about your POF?". Well, a shocked and stunned me just shakes my head. I figure that he's gonna tell me that they decided not to build my little beauty. But instead......he produces what looks to be your standard, cheap, plastic, rifle manufacture gun case. LOW AND BEHOLD.....the clouds part....the sun shines.....the planets all align....global warming ceases....gas prices plummet.....stock market skyrockets!


He opens the case and shows me my brand spanking new POF P308 SBR that I had ordered. Now, you may wonder why I would have this reaction at just another SBR. Well did I mention that I ordered the above-said SBR in december...............of 2011? Yep......a mere 16 months from time of order to finally seeing the little bastard with my own eyes. What is it with the poop that I buy, that I always seem to just wait after ordering (and paying for) it? Of course, he tells me (while laughing at me) that I should just buy cheaper poop and I won't have to wait so long. Hmmmmm. I guess this is why him and I get along so well.


So.....in closing....cause I'm sure that you all something to do after reading  one of these mile-long posts.

Here's what we have at the end of the day as of Friday:

QTY (1) - Armalite A4 complete upper assembly w/20" way too cool barrel.

QTY (2) - Seekins Precision AR-15 stripped lowers (awaiting the Maryland state stormtroopers to approve them)

QTY (1) - POF P308 SBR that is way fuckin cool (and now the wait with the ATF begins)!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As you were.......carry on.

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That was a bueatiful story brother damn near poetic.I laughed a little laffs.gif I cried a littlecry.gif  and it had a happy endingbanana.gif .This should be a fukin movie :D .And you'r order that you recieved from 12/2011tweed.gif  should be an inspiration to those Rock River guys waiting for thier rifles :huh: .You suffered in silence,didn't even start a thread on how long its been since you ordered :rolleyes: .You are an inspiration my brother.hail.gif thumbup.gif 

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I'm willing to help out with anything you need brother. But just so we all know. It's not like I'm necessarily an expert on either one of them. I'm just like anybody else around here that stumbled onto this fantastic (and I mean it brother) site that you've created. Just with time and patience (yeah right), and a little tinkering here and there (again from help and knowledge that all the guys here have and share) is how I've gotten to where I'm at when it comes to the AR platform of rifles.


Hell, guys like Tom have forgotten more about AR's, than the knowledge most people claim to have (me included....I ain't too proud to say that I'm stupid laffs.gif). But like I said, I'm willing to help out with anything you want.

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OK. Here you go. But it's not gonna be very exciting. Like I said, it looks like just a plain AR-10 A4 upper. BUT, as I said earlier, it's with the SASS barrel. That's what made it a no brainer when I saw this on thier (Armalite that is) site. In round numbers, you figure a complete upper cost around $300, the BCG cost's another $250, the SASS barrel is around $500. So just in parts alone, we're already over $1000. And that's not even counting the small stuff. You know....gas block, gas tube, port door, muzzle device and handguards. So when I saw this for $850....well I hadda pounce on that bad boy. I'm probably gonna pull the barrel and keep it as a backup for my fully built SASS. OR.....just morph the upper into something else. Not sure yet.


For the POF, all I had was my aging POS phone to snap a pic in the gun shop. Didn't think about using my work phone (which is much newer w/better camera feature). Does that memory thing ring a bell yet? laffs.gif I'll try to get a better pic whenever I go to visit it while I'm waiting on the ATF.



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That is sweet brother Ron both of them.Had I been working sooner I would have gotten the Armalite upper.Like you said there is alot of value in that upper.

Last I looked (this morning), they're pushing a slight variation of this upper for the same price. Same thing, just without the ceramic coating on the barrel. It's still a good price also. 50 bucks cheaper than the "T" version that they're offering. Though that one has the free-float aluminum handguard instead of the standard one.


Wow. No wonder I have the label as "Armalite pusher". lmao.gif

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So, do you need my address...better yet, ship them to Tom and I will head out to AZ for the weekend. We will make some front page worthy stuff for ya! Oh yeah, congrats on the end of the long wait. And hopefully the beginning of another.

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Hell yeah!!!  Those are BOTH sweet!!! 


I'm interested in those Seekins forged lowers, too - those are gonna be very, very nice.  Nothing but pure quality.  I'm positive that Dirk and I can handle some sweet pics, and a great write up for ya, Ron.  :D


By the way, I'm just a "tinkerer..."  Really.  dontknow.gif thumbup.gif

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