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Buffer spring

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$6.00 at DSG




$6 at Armalite




$23 for JP tuned and polished




$8 at Rainier Arms




DSG usually ships out within 3-5 business day and Armalite 1-2. Rainier ????

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I have a flat CS spring (Tubb) with a CAR10 heavy buffer now. Clint advises against the flat springs...

I'm going to try to blast a few rounds soon and see how she chambers. If it doesn't work out, I'll just order the new spring. No big deal. I have so many extra parts I almost have a second rifle.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm not running a heavy buffer, but I do have a Tubb CS spring, I've never had any problems with it. I can't speak for Clint or what his reasons for not liking the CS springs were, but I believe him when he says he feels the Armalite spring is the best one you can get. Myself, I don't intend to throw out my CS spring until it proves to be a liability.

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I have no issues with the CS spring. I recently changed from a rifle length stock to a carbine length. Previously I used a hydraulic buffer, now I have a CAR-10 heavy buffer. I was worried that my CS spring wouldn't work with the heavy buffer, based solely on Clint's recommendation.

Yesterday I fired 80 rounds of 147gr NATO with flawless performance. Every shot cycled and every magazine locked back the bolt when empty.

The life of the CS spring may be limited, but it works for me. I don't plan on replacing mine anytime soon.

The combination of the rifle length gas system, tungsten buffer and CS spring is really sweet. I can pop that stick all day with no discomfort.

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You can get the same buffers from Brownells.com too.

The heavier buffer will slow the cyclic rate of your rifle, absorbing more recoil into the buffer spring. This will soften the amount of felt recoil after each shot. The extra mass will also force back into battery for more reliable loading.

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BIg fan of heavybuffers (sponsor of the site). I use the CAR-10XH. Mainly because I want to be able run suppressed across any of my rifles. Between that, an adjustable block, and a good muzzle brake.....I can shoot my 10's all day. You'll be amazed in the difference.

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Robo, so since I'm running a rifle length, I guess I would need this one here, AR10R-XH - 10 ounces.

They also say not to run the David Tubb flat wire CS springs. I have run these springs for years in AR15's and NEVER a problem, always a perk when installing one of these. Installing one of these in my AR10 was like first order of business. I'm going to run mine with this buffer if this is the right one and I'm just looking for felt recoil reduction.

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Alright Robo, I splurged and bought one of those heavy buffers to install, I hope it works well for what it cost, ouch. I, like you will be using it in conjugation with a CS spring, can't wait to get it and try it out. Thanks.

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Sweet deal. I shot about 80 rounds last time out. Never had a failure to function, and it cycled so smooth, I never lost my sight picture through my scope.

At 200 yards I was ringing two steel plates, back to back, as fast as I could squeeze the trigger.

My buffer detent pin is all beat to shit. I have another one coming in the mail. It's my fault though. My LAW tactical folding stock adapter wasn't screwed in tight enough. The BCG adapter came loose and wreaked havoc in the stock assembly. Nothing that can't be fixed, just annoying.

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Why? I love going to the range when it's raining. Hell....it's the only way that you're almost guarenteed that nobody else will be there. <laughs> Besides.....a little bit of rain ain't gonna hurt these weapons that we all love playing with anyway. That's why they have "Battle Rifle" associated with thier name.

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