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The Bread Thread


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Alright...I decided to bring you all along on this experience of making bread from scratch.


The method I'm following is essentially how bread was made for the thousands of years before yeast was sold in little foil packages.


With whole wheat flour I'm making what's called a "sourdough starter".  1/4 cup of water mixed with 1/2 cup of flour, in a mixing bowl.  Directions say to scrape the sides down to prevent feeding mold.  Instead I put the starter on a plate, wash the mixing bowl and dry it, then put the starter back in.


What then happens is the bacteria in the flour and yeast from the flour and air start feeding on the concoction.  When it starts "bubbling" it means it is active, i.e., the little creatures are feeding, farting, and multiplying.


It is a waiting game.  The directions say the bubbling may happen in a few hours or as many as 36.  If nothing happens by then, toss it out and start over.


The starter we started doubled in size.  So this morning we "fed" it...another 1/4 cup of water and another 1/2 cup of w-w flour, mix it all up.


The attached photo is right after feeding it this morning, with my index finger for reference.  I'll post another this afternoon, just prior to the next feeding.


The goal of this process is to have a batch of starter dough.  Our grandmothers and their grandmothers had this lump of dough sitting around permanently.  When it was time to bake some bread, they put some of the starter in the dough to be cooked.  The cultured yeast then caused the bread to rise.






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Thanks guys!


Okay...absolutely, positively certain now that The BLOB was based on these bakers' starters!  Split, feed, and discard about 1pm, and the monster had grown to triple size again.


Per the instructions, half was again discarded, watered, but now it gets fed with unbleached all-purpose flour.  This "starves" the bad bacteria but allows the yeast and good stuff to continue.  Once this stabilizes in about three days, we can go back to whole wheat flour for the feeding.


After all this work plays out for over a week, we can work on storing the stabilized starter in the refridgerator.  At that time it will still need to be fed once a week.



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Steve McQueen.


Just remember. CO2 saved the day.


QUICK! Grab the fire extinguishers!     ..............................................NO.........not the dry chemical kind you assholes! <laughs>


After all.......they don't even chill the beer.

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That flour switch WAY slowed down the microbial activity!


It is still growing but at nowhere near the 1950s horror flick speed it was.



Good to hear, I was worried for you brother! I was afraid you would quit posting and when Tom went looking for you all he would find would be a huge blob where your house used to be! I'm just sayin.......... :ugone2far: :-[ :tweed:

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