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Marine NCO sword presentation


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My older son Jesse was a sergeant when he got out of the Marines 14 years ago, but he never got his NCO sword. A short time back he mentioned that he would like to get one. My son Josh, myself and my grandson Santiago, who is also in the Marines went together and bought the sword for him. We went to 29 Palms for Josh's birthday, and since Jesse's birthday was 4 days before Josh's and he happened to be in L.A. at that time we got him to come to 29 Palms to help his little brother celebrate his 21st. birthday. He had no idea that we had gotten the sword for him. After a cookout at the base park we went back to the barracks where Josh got some of his platoon and his sergeant together and did a somewhat impromptu presentation to his big brother. We got a video of it on a cell phone so it's not that great, but thought I would post it here.


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What a happy surprise. They really seam to respect one and other all the way.


Better him then me. If I were a marine, they'd be giving me a chainsaw in stead of a sword. LOL. Orders is a language I don't recognize. Odd too. For some reason, I've always gotten along exceptionally well with Marines. I solute your son.....



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Yeah, Jesse was caught totally off guard. His wife knew, but only since that morning, she can let the cat out of the bag sometimes! I have a grandson of sorts, a kid that my son Jesse and his wife took under their wing and raised during his high school years who is also in the Marines. He is stationed at Pendleton and was supposed to be there for this, but as we all know, the military has a way of changing your plans for you and he couldn't be there. He and Josh were in on this with me from the start. Now I need to build Jesse a display stand, the ones they sell are way overpriced and he said he wanted me to make one for him. Hopefully I won't have to use that damn table saw to get it done! :eek:

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