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Girls can't hit the target!


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Ok wtf is wrong with chicks not one that I know or have grown can puke in a friken toilet bowl!!! My youngest just launched dinner over the whole bathroom floor and pluged the sink... Less than 2 feet from the bowl! daddy on his knees about ready to add to the maham. I sure as hell know when I'm gonna pop when I'm sick why don't they ?!

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<laughs> Kids gotta love'um......Took a girl to this party and she sez "I don't feel good" going to take her to the bathroom she looks down and hurls right there :puke: WTF.Later she wants to make out I asked her if she had a fork for the big piece's.Didn't think it was as funny as I did. :rant2:

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Ok Im ready to have my woman card revoked!!! so in the moment last night say around 11:30 after cleaning up ground zero, I aparently was done with chunks and threw the bath rugs dirtectily in to the washer... yep you guessed it round fing 2 at least I think it was clean. Some chunks wont wash out of the washer REVOKEDDDDD :gtfo2: of the laundry room.

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