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I feel dumb having to ask but a safeties question


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So this is my first AR platform rifle, and one thing I noticed as I was checking headspace and working the action was that I could only move the safety from fire to safe when the hammer is cocked. Is that normal? I've never had it be that way on any other rifle or pistol.


so to be clear, rifle all apart, no bcg in, hammer already down - will not flip to safe.


pull hammer back to fully cocked, can easily flip to safe. flip to fire, pull trigger - will not flip to safe.


So is that how they all are? Or did I screw something up with my LPK install

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It's not a dumb question at all. I use the way the safety operates to verify that my rifles aren't stored with the firing mechanism under tension. If I pick up my rifle and can engage the safety, I know I need to verify an empty chamber and take the tension off the firing mechanism. If I can't, I know I will have to cycle the bolt before the rifle can be fired. It's a double-safe standard, if the safety can't be engaged, it can't be fired.

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I guess it was just the thought that this way, its possible for a slam fire if you are pulling back the charging handle and accidentally let go. I suppose I'm used to thinking more about handgun safeties, where its more of a firing pin block.


Slam firing is possible but seems improbable outside of extremely sensitive primers. The firing pins in these beasts are pretty light, and rely on a good strong hammer spring.

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You know I put a LPK on the 2Vets lower and the generic safety that came with the kit.The safety will engage and disengage but its like loose??? Unlike the ambi-RRA safety that is soild all the way.I have BAD safety to replace it but don't know why it is the way it is??? I checked the detent pointy side up,was going to streach the spring alittle before I got Rodgers setup.Anybody run across this???

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The BADASS comes with a stainless detent pin. Definitely use that one.

What grip are you using? Does the safety wobble? Or is it just loose when shifting?

If it wobbles, either the safety or the lower might be out of spec. If it's just loose, stretching the spring is just a bandaid that won't last long. First make sure your current grip is tightened down really good. If it's still loose try another grip, or drop a VERY small piece of metal inside the grip as a lift for the spring. I used a piece of a wire hanger for a similar issue.

The BADASS is a very tight fit. It should be just fine for your rifle (assuming the receiver is within spec).

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