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I'm outa here


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No, not here, but here where we've been living. This house I've been renting here in Fremont, Ca. has been sold to a Chinese house flipper. So long Monster Garage.... (60'x20'x18', it is awesome)

And I'm outa here, the S.F. Bay Area where I grew up and lived all my life. I loved this region. We have the Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, Davenport, etc., beaches a very short drive one way, and the Sierra Nevada's the other. The weather is fabulous. It just ain't worth it any more, unless you are a rich mutha fucka or a fool, or some one of the government parasites. I mean even an apartment here can be 1500+ for one bedroom. Up the peninsula 2000!!

I'm sick of all the Zips & others taking all the tech jobs too. But I have to admit if was able I'd stay, well I probably would. I don't want to leave what I know, I like being close to my teams, I'm a big Giants fan, a big 9ers fan and they are a rollin'. I ain't no band wagoner. But yes it is economics that has killed it for me.

So where hell are you going, Mr. Brown? Cattle country, I am now a cowboy, like my father was in Oklahoma before he came here in 1941. He was into cows all his working life. Had a good business going and employed poeple in his meat company.

I'm going to Turlock, Ca. 10 acres, 5 bedroom house, built in pool, one of those rooms is off the garage. I'll let you guess what that room will be. $1400 a month. Summers are sweltering.

I will use the land for the income we will require.

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Go get 'em, NoFail!  Just do us a favor, bro - make sure your avatar moves with you...  We don't want her to get lost, man!!!  <thumbsup>


I used to haunt the Santa Cruz, Capitola, and Aptos areas myself, when I was at Ft Ord.   I know what you mean about the area, man. 

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Thanks for your approval everyone. I guaranty to you the avatar goes with!

'98 I ain't begging but I am way stressed out. You are hired! Did I mention we gets'ta shoot on this property? Free beer & BBQ ;) And lots of it....

Brother unforgiven, thanks bud :)

Oh and 98', never mind shovels, we using a back hoe ;)

Edited by NoFail
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