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Let's talk uppers...


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I'm new to this forum and figured this was the place to post so anyway my excuse is I'm new if it's not! 


I bought a TM-10 last year with hopes that the market would stabilize enough by now to complete my 308AR. It had not. There seems to be an extreme shortage of 308/DPMS compatible uppers as it seems most manufacturers are focusing on the AR15 side of things. 


I had the intent of buying a TM upper to match my lower as I really would like to build this gun up to shoot accurately at 500 yards, however they are out of stock and will be for several months as their production for 308s has halted. So my here's my thing... 


1. Wait it out for a TM upper

2. Buy a DPMS extruded upper

3. Buy another brand machined upper

4. Chuck the TM lower and buy a matched set

5. ? ? ? 


What do you guys recommend?

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I talked to tm and it's going to be a while before they get their upper back something about a new prototype. Dont want to start a new thread so who knows which upper mates the best to the tm lowers. Like Robby told me possibly the jd machine ones fits good but what is your options ?

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I've had 2 DPMS uppers on my Fulton lower. First one was that silly hi rider model, but it fit perfect. I sold that upper and bought a A3 and it has a tiny wiggle. Most people might not even notice, but it's my gun so it drives me crazy. I only mention it to show that all brand X uppers may not be a perfect fit every time. Id imagine there might even be more variation in the smaller manufacturers unless you are paying alot.

Idea! DPMS loose upper guys....lets strip our uppers and start mailing them to each other till we all find one that fits tight! :p

Also...bubbasks...please stop posting pics of that rifle. I'm trying very hard to keep mine black, and that gorgeous paint job makes it very difficult.

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Well I'm in the same boat as kiloalpha on this. I have my complete TM lower just waiting for an upper. I contacted TM in november and was told 1stQ/2014. But now that seems like its going to be awhile longer now.  Hate to have a crap fit rifle since this will be my only build. Was hoping to have it together by the spring!

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